How to Join the Hidden Art E-Shop

Updated 15 August 2017

Snowden Flood

Snowden Flood

Interested in selling your work online? Here you will find information on how you can apply to join

This is the link to the list of all the designers currently on the Hidden Art E-Shop.

The E-Shop was first launched in 2005, and after having been housed at  Culturelabel since March 2012, from the 22th July 2013 we now have our own home again and you can find us at


Being on the Hidden Art E-Shop offers you:

  • Access to customers to promote products and greater exposure for your products through regular Hidden Art E-Newsletters, PR and product placement as well as coverage through social media (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and Instagram).
  • Complete support along with a helpline to give you advice on products, shipping, pricing, etc.

Hidden Art offers:

How it works – customer’s perspective

  • Customers browse the E-Shop and select their products; they then proceed to the checkout page where they can safely pay with a variety of debit and credit cards. A Paypal option is also available.
  • Each customer receives an automated email confirming the products that have been purchased, together with confirmation of the delivery address.
  •  The system authorizes the card transaction and then emails you the order details so you can arrange a dispatch directly to the customer.
  • Wholesale customers contact us direct and we would contact you to discuss the details relevant to the wholesale commission.

How it works – Designers & Makers perspective

  • We operate a dropship system. This means that we promote your products on the e-shop but when an order is received this will be passed on to you to be dealt with.
  • You will receive an email with the order details, including customer name and address, for you to send to the customer. On a regular basis you will then receive sales income straight into your Paypal or bank account, minus the Hidden Art fee + VAT, as well as a statement showing your sales and what you have been paid.

Criteria for new Designers & Makers interested in joining the Hidden Art E-Shop 

You need to be a working as a designer or a maker.

Country of Origin:

  • UK – Hidden Art has always promoted the work of UK based designers. At the moment, all designers applying for our e-shop must have a link with Great Britain (i.e. studied and/or worked in the UK) or have been Hidden Art members in the past that moved to their country of origin.
  • Outside UK – For the first time we have decided to give designers that are based outside the UK the chance to join our e-shop. We are currently piloting this phase.

Product requirements:

  • Excellent product quality
  • Excellent image quality: product images submitted for our e-shop must be hi-res
  • Ability to keep up with demand
  • Price points/products appropriate for the E-Shop
  • Product types should match the E-Shop’s customer profile


Sales/Press coverage:

  • Products have generated a good track record of sales to date or sales referrals or have generated good press coverage.

Delivery requirements:

  • Sufficient lead-time for products
  • Orders completed and delivered on time
  • Reasonable shipping costs
  • Issues related to damaged items are resolved quickly
  • If you are not based in the UK please let us know whether you have sold abroad, what shipping companies you have used and an example of the cost of shipping to the UK, Europe, the U.S and the rest of the world.

Customer service:

  • Your ability to assist in resolving customer issues and willingness to work closely with the E-Shop team to resolve issues
  • Your ability to respond quickly to the E-Shop team when enquiries/queries occur.


  • You participate readily in press loans and provide correct credit
  • You supply high-resolution images ( or for web square format, 1024 x 1024 pixels and of 72dpi quality) within 24 hours or sooner if required
  • You respond within 24 hours or sooner to Press enquiries


  • You update the Hidden Art E-Shop team with new contact details within one week or sooner
  • You are easy to contact and reply to enquiries/issues within one day
  • You update the Hidden Art E-Shop team of holiday/out of office dates and what to do in absence two weeks in advance.
  • You are able  to receive orders by email and respond to order confirmations within 24 hours of receipt (essential).

When you can apply

You can apply throughout the year.  The selection panel meets on a regular basis.

How to apply

To apply please email Dieneke Ferguson at: providing the following details:

  • Information about you (contact details, website etc).
  • Low resolution images of products you would like to submit (with name, price, quantities, date made and other relevant background information).
  • Where else (e-shops, etc) do you sell these products.
  • Which products are your bestsellers?
  • Where your products have been featured.
  • How you ship your products including shipping costs for UK, Europe, the US and the rest of the world

If accepted,  you will receive an email with further details.


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