Hidden Art Select kids

Hidden Art Select kids consists of a collaboration between a designer and a school local to Hidden Art which allows the participating pupils to experience the design process.

Collaborating closely with teachers and the selected designer, pupils (11-16 years) are given a themed brief to produce surface patterns for products by the participating designer. Teachers are given the freedom to come up with lesson plans that best suit their pupils. Of the designs submitted one or more are selected to be incorporated into a product.

Hidden Art Select kids started in 2008 and the winning design of each year was launched during the London Design Festival in September and sold on the Hidden Art E-Shop, www.hiddenartshop.com


Custhom Mugs

In 2011 Custhom Design were selected to work with two local schools – New City Primary School, and Bridge Academy.

The students produced a number of different designs during creative workshops with Custhom, and finally 2 designs from each school were picked to be put onto mugs. The winning designs were by:

Fatima Nadeem and Madihah Khanon from New City Primary
Mehmet Bozdere and Praise Opara from Bridge Academy.

They cost £8 each or £30 for a set of 4.

They can be purchased on the Hidden Art E-Shop here

Winning Mugs in 2011



In 2010, designer Ella Doran once again worked with secondary students from local London schools, to create a winning surface design to be produced on a bag. This ‘real brief’ gave the pupils an exciting opportunity to work with Ella and to appreciate the steps to making a product.

For Hidden Art Select kids Ella Doran has interpreted the design of Lola-Jan Creese of the Bridge Academy into the LJC Bag.

JLC bag at design store at 100% Design


Lucky Bag

In 2009 50 year 9 pupils from three schools (Langdon Park School, Mulberry School for Girls in Tower Hamlets and Mount Carmel Technology College for Girls in Islington) created designs for Ella Doran. A colourful dice design by Halima Begum (Mulberry School for Girls) was selected for production on a 100% cotton canvas bag called the Lucky Bag.

The Lucky bag was launched at the Hidden Art 20 year celebratory exhibition Transforming Passion into Products (Oxo Gallery, 16-20 September 2009) and was sold at the Hidden Art Pop-up Shop at the Dock during the London Design Festival.

Awards Ceremony at UBS with winning design, Lucky Bag. 2009


Lobster and Fruit trays

Ella Doran’s Fruit Tray and Lobster Tray  use surface designs by pupils from St. Paul’s Way Community School, providing bright and imaginative trays. Designs by Jewel Ahmed and Zahanggir Hussain were selected and used on the Fruit Tray and Lobster Tray.

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