Hidden Art Stand in Salone Satelite, Milan 2007

Private View, Hidden Art at Salone Satelite, Milan 2007

Once a year, during the Milan Furniture Fair, wedged in the exhibition-spectacle-cum-city that is Fiera Milano in North-West Milan, the Salone Satellite can be found, brimming with fresh, idealistic, tenacious young designers. In just our second year at the show (our sixth in total in Milan), Hidden Art is already becoming a major draw card for interested industry and press figures who are looking to catch the next wave of new designs.

Anthony Dickens, Hidden Art Stand at Salone Satelite 2007

Giles Miller, Hidden Art Stand, Salone Satelite 2007

The seven designer-makers on stand in 2007 found themselves inundated with requests, orders and press opportunities. Proving that Hidden Art helps to promote a hotbed of new designers. They worked the show hard, frequently putting in 10-hour days on the stand to make the most of their opportunities.  They presented the following new products: Ana Thompson’s Surface Table, Anthony Dickens’ Origami Tables, DH product design lighting, Timothy Schreiber’s PAN_07, Jake Phipps’ Stem Table and Tron Stool, Sinipr’s Versatile, Giles Miller’s fluted lampshade

Jake Phipps, Hidden Art Stand, Salone Satelite 2007

Timothy Schreiber, Hidden Art Stand, Salone Satelite 2007

Ana Thomson at Hidden Art Stand, Salone Satelite 2007

The Hidden Art stand itself was a design masterpiece, with stand planning by Victoria Fabbri and a well-orchestrated newspaper/broadsheet theme to the promotional material.

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