Hidden Art at 100% Design 2010 – Seating Launch and Pop-up Shop

Hidden Art stall at 100% Design

Hidden Art presented two unique stands during 100% Design 2010. The first offered an amazing selection of independent designers launching new seating, while the other created the first ever retail opportunity at 100% Design, allowing visitors to buy amazing design products at the show.

  Seating Launch



Featuring reinterpreted traditional making techniques, Hidden Art launch new seating by five independent designer-makers at 100% Design. Hidden Art members have provided fun, new seating ideas to be premiered this September.

The collection of seats continues the trend of ‘lost’ craft skills (apparent during Milan Furniture Week in April 2010).

Alexena Cayless’ Cheany Chair utilises traditional British shoemaking techniques, incorporating shoe leather and Harris Tweed.
While there is something otherworldly about DesignK’s Dandelion Stool, its knitted cushion places it firmly in the realms of traditional craft techniques. Meanwhile, COAL Design continues their use of skilled traditional upholsterers in the Horrice Chair.
New ideas appear elsewhere in the collection, with Slam Design creating an interactive seating concept, which transforms from stool to seat simply by sitting on it.

Meanwhile, AAREVALO delivers a cross between a rocking chair and a stool, mimicking an arachnid with its eight legs.

AAREVALO – Itsy Bitsy – Whimsical and reminiscent of a spider, Itsy Bitsy is a rocking chair – Highly sprayed MDF .

Alexena Cayless – Cheaney Chair – Upholstered chair in leather and tweed – Shoe leather, Harris Tweed

COAL Design – Horrice Chair – Upholstered low armchair for both commercial and domestic environments – Upholstered in a range of colours and fabrics with button backing detail. Interlocking frame in lacquered walnut MDF.

DesignK – Dandelion Stool – The Dandelion Stool is inspired by a nature form of beauty – knitted soft fabric, plywood

Slam Design – Chool – An active seating product with contemporary and retro styling influences. When you sit, the seat sinks, erecting a full size backrest for your comfort.


From left to right:

Alexena Cayless, Cheany Chair – Upholstered in shoe leather and tweed

Coal Design, Horrice Chair – Upholstered low armchair

Slam Design, Chool – Retro style chair with reactive backrest

DesignK – Dandelion Stool – Inspired by natural beauty


Design Store

Hidden Art also organised a Design Store, where products were sold from the Hidden Art E-Shop.

Hidden Art Design Store at 100% Design, 2010

Hidden Art Design Store at 100% Design, 2010

For further pictures see design-store-at-100-design-2010

  100% Design Competition Winner

Tom Cecil won the 2010 Hidden Art 100% Design competition, giving him space at the 2010 show to exhibit his lighting concept, Field of Lights.
For the first time in history, you will be able to buy exclusive design products at 100% Design.

Concept: The ‘Field of lights’ concept is an interactive lighting installation inspired by phosphorescent plankton. The 240 suspended LED devices, each with their own motion sensor, create fading trails of light as people move around the space below.

Technology: Each LED device communicates its activity back to a central computer. This information is used to create a virtual 3-D landscape showing how people have moved around the space over the duration of the installation. A bespoke iPad application will be used to display this information in real-time to visitors.

100% Design: Beyond the stunning visual impact of the ‘Field of lights’, six to nine pieces of my work will be show underneath the installation. The installation will record the activity around the space, revealing what work visitors are drawn to and how popular it is!

Installation: A white structure of dimensions 10 m x 6 m x 0.6 m, covering an area of 60 m2 will be suspended 2.4 m above the ground.

Sponsor: Award winning creative electronic designers ML Electronics will be providing the technology for the installation.

About Tom Cecil: An artist/designer with background in engineering and architecture. Based in an East London studio/workshop, his work ranges from furniture and product design through to large scale installations.

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