Details of the type of curcumin taken by Dieneke Ferguson

Dear friend,

I hope that this will help you in combating your illness. But please remember that I am not a doctor and have been taking this for my personal use. Every human body reacts differently so you will have to experiment to see what works for you. So, please note that  the 8 g per day I have been taking for multiple myeloma cancer has so far worked for me. But I must say it is the recommended amount. Some research has also been done in regards to curcumin in relation to other cancers. However I cannot advise on that and the quantities might not necessarily be the same. Please also note that curcumin doesn’t cure you but keeps your cancer cells under control. So in a way your cancer becomes a chronic illness. If you stop taking the curcumin the cancer will come back.

I took curcumin whilst not having any chemo. I don’t know how it works if you are also taking chemo. In any case I would suggest that you take the curcumin as far as possible from your chemo so that both don’t interact with each other.

The brand I have been  taking is Dr Best C3 Curcumin with Bioperine 1000mg pills. The key ingredients are the 3 types of Curcumin (hence C3) and the bioperine, which is pepper that helps with the absorption. There are other brands available. The key thing is that they have C3 Complex curcumin with bioperine and that they are 1000 mg pills. Subsequently after the case study was written up I found out that Sabinsa the company that manufactures the C3 Complex Curcumin with bioperine also sells the curcumin. This is the link to the C3 Complex Curcumin  at .   Their pills come in pots of 60 pills instead of pots of 120 pills.

I was taking 8 g all at once at night with an empty stomach (ideally 2 hours after a meal and 1 hour before bedtime) as it helps with the absorption. However other people take it at a different time of the day.  In fact, I am currently taking 9 g per day.

When you start, you build up over 4 weeks. The first week you take 1 pill  (1 g) , week 2: 2 pills (2 g), week 3: 4 pills (4 g) and week 4: 8 pills (8 g).

The protocol comes from Margaret’s Corner blog and the initial protocol is here.   In the end everybody has a different way of taking them. Margaret’s latest update on her protocol is here

I normally Google the companies that offer the Dr Best C3 Curcumin or look on Amazon. They are about £50 (pot of 120 pills) but some e-shops give a discount depending on quantity you buy, so I mostly buy 5 or 6 at a time. So it is worth your while to shop around. When you compare the prices, make sure to take into account the shipping as well.

You might want to listen to the  30 minute long BBC4 Radio Food Programme. The episode is called Turmeric and gives a good overview of the many aspects of turmeric. In addition to myself the presenter Sheila Dillon also interviews my consultant Prof Jamie Cavenagh about my case during the last 6 minutes of the programme.  During the programme, other people are interviewed and talk about different uses of the curcumin as well.   The link to the Turmeric Programme is this .  Here you will also find details of the Case Study and Margaret’s Corner blog.

You can read my journey with my cancer here.

Good luck