Heidi Mottram ties the knot at the Ice Hotel, Sweden

19 February 2014

Congratulations Heidi!

What more romantic than getting married in the Ice Hotel in Sweden and tying the knot with a temperature of -5 degrees! This is what Heidi Mottram did on the 10th February 2014.

Heidi Mottram tying the knot in the Ice Hotel, Sweden, 10 February 2014

Heidi Mottram tying the knot in the Ice Hotel, Sweden, 10 February 2014

And after London Fashion Week  they will be off on honeymoon seeking the heat from the 1-15 March 2014 .

Heidi Mottram profile picture

Designer Heidi Mottram

Celebrate with Heidi – 20% off all her products until Wednesday 26th February 2014

She wants to celebrate with her customers and therefore she offers 20% off all her products until Wednesday 26th February close of day.

There is a variety of products to choose from:  such as  the Blaze Nappa and Poulard Leather Wallet for £12 or the Talisman Eel skin iPad Case for £115. All will have 20% off.

To Claim your discount use the code ICEHOTEL at checkout.

Take a look at Heidi’s page on Hidden Art Shop.

Further information on Heidi Mottram’s Designs

Heidi Mottram designs exotic eco-friendly leather bags and accessories. Her product range involves alternative materials such as chicken and eel skin. Her designs make use of by-products from different industries.

She asks, “why constantly use cow hide when there is so much choice?”

Heidi’s Talisman iPad Case is made of eel skin leather and is available in a variety of colours. The Case has pleated detailing on the velcro fasten flap and will fit both iPad 1 and 2.

Talisman i-Pad case by Heidi Mottram

Talisman i-Pad case

The Aurora Long Purse comes from the limited edition Aurora collection. The collection is named after the Goddess Aurora. The motivation for the collection came from the Northern Lights – the colours in the collection were inspired by the contrast of colour against the black night sky.

Aurora Long Purse by Heidi Mottram

The Aurora Long Purse

The Aurora Purse is made from eel skin, a by-product from the food industry. As well as serving as a material that will help you stand out from everyone else, compared to cow leather it also has high ethical values.

Many of Heidi’s bags have been seen on the red carpet, and she was a finalist in the innovation category for the SOURCE awards – the Global Awards for Sustainable Fashion.

“Heidi Mottram bags are unique because no two skins are alike”
Fashion Extras Magazine

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