Lucy Wassell

'Rockface' by Lucy Wassell

‘Rockface’ by Lucy Wassell

Lucy Tiffney (nee Lucy Wassell) is a British Designer and manufacturer of hand tufted rugs and carpets. Having gained a First Class degree in textiles at Manchester University, Lucy went on to an internship at Helen Yardley Design studio in London, swiftly followed by the role of Studio Manager.

In the late nineties Lucy began collaborating with furniture designer Richard Ward and together they set up Wawa in London E2, a showroom adjacent to Columbia Road flower market offering beautiful bespoke rug and furniture designs. In early 2000, following the success of that collaboration Lucy Tiffney began designing and manufacturing hand tufted rugs and carpets under her own label.

“My rugs, like paintings are an improvised and visual interpretation of everything I see, feel and experience; the world around me and it’s diverse inspiration, be it a plastic Japanese toy, a muddy sea wall or a bright lime sock. In response to those experiences I create designs with a strong use of colour, line, shape and space and the juxtaposition of those elements”.

100% Design

Lucy Wassell participated at the Hidden Art stand at 100% Design in 1998 and 1999

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