Black & Blum – Eau Good!

by Leanne Hoogwaerts

With all the information that is spread through Twitter, it’s easy to miss the interesting bits of news that float past our screens on a daily basis. Recently however, a post by one of our favourite design duos, Black+Blum caught our eye. The photo featured one half of the pair, Martin, in a rather precarious position on top of a scaffold, hanging bottles from a chandelier in Selfridges.

Martin installing the bottles

Intrigued, we got in touch to find out a little more about what inspired the stunt. As it turns out, the bottles are Black+Blums latest product, entitled Eau Good (Oh, good!), which uses a stick of charcoal to purify your drinking water. It might sound a bit strange at first, but the Japanese have been onto it for centuries: Binchotan, a type of hardwood charcoal, is known for its water softening and impurity absorbing properties and can also be added to rice when cooking to get rid of any chalky flavours.

Eau Good Filter Water Bottle

Black+Blum have ingeniously designed a bottle inspired by the functionality of military canteens, that lets the charcoal snap into place when squeezed, and releases it with the same action. The sticks should be refreshed every three months by boiling for 10 minutes, and should be replaced after six months. Quite rightly, the bottle won best new product at the Home Show at Earls Court earlier this year.

After a feature in the Wall Street Journal the bottles have sold out (well done boys!), but they will hopefully be back in stock in May. When they are, you can get them through us!

For other innovative storage solutions have a look at their profile on our shop:

The chandelier at Selfridges

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