Person needed to operate a CNC router for a Youth Charity project.

Entered 8/4/13

The Company is an enterprise programme supporting young people to establish a business: to earn money doing something they love. You can find out more about The Company here.

The first cohort of young people in The Company, our Associates, started in February 2013. Each cohort is made up of 12 to 15 young people aged between 18 and 24 years old. They are given access to a range of expertise, networks, support and investment to enable their idea to flourish. The second cohort will start in September 2013.

We have had market stalls and access to a CNC router and laser cutter (the latter was a sort of add-on!) made freely available, but unfortunately the individuals we had lined up to facilitate their use are no longer able to participate.

We are now in a situation where we have everything lined up to start from Monday 15th April, when the intention was to spend two to three days each week for the following five weeks, involving around ten young people in the production of basic handmade goods (the type of item produced at A&J-and simpler!) to populate their market stalls, which in turn would generate a modest income. The intention was to primarily focus on use of a CNC router, and we are now looking for someone who would be capable, available and interested in helping us out of a tight spot!

The Company are urgently looking for someone who can operate a CNC router as part of the second half of Phase 1 of The Company. This will require an individual who is able to work two or three days per week for around five weeks beginning the week commencing 15th April 2013. They should be able to interact with different people as well as having the experience and patience to develop new products and work to produce items for selling on market stalls at busy Camden locations.

For further information see here

If interested please email as soon as possible. We will need to have confirmed who this will be by the end of the week (12/04/13).

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