Highbury Ltd

Entered 21 January 2014

Highbury Ltd is an independent business development consultancy working with a range of companies, universities, individual inventors, entrepreneurs, financiers and Social Enterprises.

We offer a combination of industry-specific expertise and skills designed to protect, value, manage and commercialise a range of technologies, products, intellectual property (IP) and other intellectual assets (IA) across the sciences and the creative arts.

What we do:

We provide guidance and expertise through all the steps needed to commercialise your creation.

Technology Valuations and benchmarking: Highbury provides technology and product valuations to the investment community, to university spin-out companies and to a range of clients seeking to commercialise their IP. Valuation prepares you for raising money, licensing, franchising and sale negotiations.

IP Audits: The IP Audit identifies all of your potential and existing IA/IP. This includes: trademarks, copyright, patents, registered/unregistered designs, know-how, 3rd party contracts and business management tools. IP Audits lead to sound contract management and organised commercialisation. Audits help you raise finance and commercialise your creation.

Market Research: Highbury will explore the marketing, commercialisation and licensing or partnering potential of your innovation. We can work with you to implement sound business plans and market forecasts.

Pre-partnering Due Diligence: Highbury prepares clients for collaboration and roll-out , providing you with a solid partnering skill set, enabling you to negotiate robust commercial deals with full knowledge of the potential risk, reward and value vested in your assets.

Technology Transfer and Partnering: Highbury finds partners for your technology, product and business and provides assistance with the implementation and technology transfer process.

Licence Negotiations: Highbury will ensure you get the best collaboration and protection for your technology by helping you achieve a deal based on sound commercial terms.

Open Innovation: We seek out specific technology, products and portfolios on behalf of our corporate clients and implement open innovation programmes

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