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1-2-1 advice sessions


Tuesday 21 May 2013
Hidden Art
Shoreditch Stables
138 Kingsland Road
London E2 8DY

Peter Cracknell and Taner from Feka Otomotiv during the plastics 1-2-1 sessions at Hidden Art, May 2013

Peter Cracknell and Taner from Feka Otomotiv during the plastics 1-2-1 sessions at Hidden Art, May 2013

If you are looking for a manufacturer to make your plastic designs, you might be interested in meeting Feka Otomotiv , a Turkish company based in the automotive industry who are looking for a range of new injection mouldable products away from the automotive industry – products FEKA could make on the same production machinery in Turkey.

They will be at Hidden Art on Tuesday 21 May to meet innovative product designers who want to develop new plastic products such as:

  • Lighting – all types including indoor and outdoor (especially niche interior lighting and garden lights with LED)
  • Furniture and shelving– Injection mouldable up to projected areas of 24 sq inches (0.6m2 ),
  • Household, Domestic and Leisure products.

Meetings will take place on a 1-2-1 basis with a representative and  Peter Cracknell (PSC Associates Ltd), who has run sessions before for Hidden Art designers , who will be offering assistance.  We will ensure that your designs are protected.


Guy Robinson, Sprout Design with his handy bike cart outside the office

Guy Robinson, Sprout Design with his handy bike cart outside the office

The day was very successful and unfortunately we had to disappoint a few designers that wanted to attend but all the slots were taken already.

Taner and Peter in the end saw 10 designers and offered great advice to all.   A wide range of products were discussed which will be assessed in further detail by Feka’s design team.

Generally it was felt by both Taner, Peter as well as the designers that direct contact with manufacturers  is very much lacking thus hindring progress of a successful product of a designer.

The session was free and all gave their time for free. It is a pity that Hidden Art who had a product development programme is very much limited now to the willingness of manufacturers and others to give their time for free, as well as ourselves to help bridge this gap.  The demise of the London Development Agency which resulted in no more funding since the end of September 2011 has created a huge gap for the designers.

Here are some quotes:

I wished I had seen them 6 years ago.

It’s given me a real boost to get back into design + plastics.

Peter was able to advice on many different aspects of the polymer component, including materials, processes and finishing.

The relevant bit was finding a common ground between designer and manufacturer. I’ve got the ideas, they have the means to make them into products.

Being able to talk to professionals has made all the difference.


FEKA Otomotiv are located near the city of Bursa in Turkey, they specialize in the manufacture of automotive components, which include lamp assemblies, interior lights, mirror assemblies, etc.  For more information about the company see www.feka.tk

After many successful years of working in the automotive supply industry they are seeking to expand their injection moulded plastic product range outside of this sector.

 Peter Cracknell has worked in the plastics industry for over 30 years.  After initially undertaking a mould tool making apprenticeship, he went on to work in the UK plastic packaging and engineering component industries and taught polymer engineering and design at the London school of Polymer Technology for 17 years.  Since 2008, he has run his own company specializing in on site plastic training, plastic product

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