Opportunity to have your designs converted into 3d CAD files and/or printed on a 3d printer


Entered 23 May 2013 and Updated 26 July 2013

Free 1-2-1 Advice Sessions

Wednesday 26th June 2013

Hidden Art
Shoreditch Stables
138 Kingsland Road
London E2 8DY

There were several possibilities that those attending could explore with “it is 3D” on this day:

•        You have a design, or an idea for a design, but you do not use 3D CAD. How do you convert your idea into a 3D file which can then be printed or machined?

•         You have a physical object which you want to scan. How do you go about it?

•          You have a 3D design which you want to print. How / where do you get it printed?

Meetings took place on a 1-2-1 basis with Martin Stevens and Trupti Patel of “it is 3D Ltd”. As well as offering advice, “it is 3D” also offered a low cost service to Hidden Art designers. We ensured that your designs are protected.


“it is 3D” is a recent start up, run by two experienced entrepreneurs in the field of 3D. Martin Stevens is the CEO and Trupti Patel is the Commercial Director. Between them, they have worked in industry for decades and are veterans in 3D printing with over 10 years experience between them. If they can’t help you, they probably know someone who can. Their products include hapticated 3D design, various 3D scanning solutions and several types of 3D printer. You can learn more about them on their website www.itis3d.com and their Facebook page


3d Printing Pop-Up Shop from “it is 3D” at Hidden Art
3d Printing Pop Up Shop at Hidden Art

3d Printing Pop Up Shop from “it is 3D” at Hidden Art

It was a very successful day and Martin and Trupti saw 11 designers on the day with their designs and ideas. This included:

Jewellery designs, new printing techniques, using 3d technology as part of hat design and acrylic designs amongst others.

Some lovely feedback was received including:

it has provided a brief introduction to 3-d printing.
The information I got let me know which directions I can go in especially about costs of materials, etc
Trupta also offered help with respect to sourcing materials and if possibly introducing me to an acrylic fabricator.
I will no go ahead and make a prototype with them.
The advice was very relevant for what I am doing.
My next step will be to transfer design onto CAD

3dprintingpopupshopat HA_small

3d Printing Pop-up Shop by “it is 3d” at Hidden Art

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