3d Printing for Families

11 December 2014

6 pm for 6.30 pm

Runway East
9th Floor, 207 Old Street
Near Old Street Roundabout
London EC1V 9NR

Cost: £15 Adult. Children Free

3d Printing for Families

You are invited to an evening of 3D Printing, hands on experience and fun.

There will be a lecture and update on all the latest developments in 3D Printing by Martin Stevens, a highly regarded speaker on the subject. Each week brings important new developments in 3D Printing. For example:
HP, a $100bn+ corporation has jumped into the fray with a machine for the industrial market.
Autodesk, the world’s leading 3D software company, has established a $100 million fund to encourage new 3D Printing businesses.

The 3D Printing revolution opens up new opportunities for everyone – especially for young people setting out on their careers. Learn about the new opportunities in engineering, chemistry, design, graphics, aerospace, dentistry, medicine and many more. Once you know what is possible, you will be as excited about the future of 3D Printing as we are.

There will be a 3D Printing demonstration led by Trupti Patel, a highly experi-enced and accomplished 3D Printing designer and operator. See the Dreamer and the WT280A 3D Printers at work, which are state of the art and affordable, ideal for education, for the home and for small businesses.

There will be prizes including a 3D printed copy of Astro Charlie, the mascot of the European Space Agency – a copy of which will make its way in 2015 into orbit. There  will also be printing decorations for the holiday season.

This event is designed for parents accompanied by their children. The cost is £15 per adult which includes notes on the presentations and refreshments.

Children bringing an adult are free. This will be a memorable and hands-on event . It could change yours or your child’s life.
There is limited availability to this event

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