Hidden Art brokerage helps Heal’s to discover four more

July 2006

Four Hidden Art designer-maker members join Heal’s Discovers collection via Hidden Art Brokerage

In November 2005 Heal’s and Hidden Art collaborated for the second time, to discover more up and coming talented designer-makers for their Heal’s Discovers Collection.
Through the online brokerage designer-makers were granted access to the Heal’s brief, and encouraged to put forward their proposals before working with Heal’s to develop their products.

The successful applicants were:
• Anthony Dickens
• Florian Kremb
• Francisca Prieto
• Charles Trevelyan
The Heal’s brief covered the disciplines of furniture, ceramics, glass, textiles, surface design and lighting. Submitted products were judged on the criteria of the personality of the product, the quality of design, commercial viability and the level of innovation.

Anthony Dickens’ Origami Table was an obvious choice, with its interlocking tripod design and ease of transportation.

Hidden Art for Heals Discovers, Anthony Dickens

Hidden Art for Heal’s Discovers 2006, Anthony Dickens

In the Asterisk Bookend, Francisca Prieto was able to produce a product crammed full of character.

Hidden Art for Heals Discovers, Francisca Prieto

Hidden Art for Heal’s Discovers 2006, Francisca Prieto

Florian Kremb’s stylish tripod shelving unit is the definition of good design

Hidden Art for Heal's Discovers. Florian Kremb

Hidden Art for Heal’s Discovers 2006. Florian Kremb



while Charles Trevelyan’s Tumbleweed pendant is a unique lighting-based design.

Hidden Art for Heal's Discovers 2006. Charles Trevelyan.

Hidden Art for Heal’s Discovers 2006. Charles Trevelyan.

2006 is Heal’s Discovers’ third year, having launched a collection of inspired products by students, young designers and exclusive items by established designers.