Hackney Design Showcase at BL-NK

Entered 14 July 2014

For designers and makers who live and work in Hackney

Opportunity to present and promote your work through a Design Display Case at the Hackney Investment Suite, BL-NK (www.bl-nk.org) if items designed and made in Hackney – furniture, fashion, tech, electronics, print – any product which can either hang from the unit or sit on the shelving.

BL-NK is a 3,200 sq ft urban-space in Shoreditch. It has been created to serve as a hub for showcasing local projects.

The display is updated on a continuous basis and Hackney Council is  looking for submissions which are ready to go and others which will be available over the coming months.  Iidentification cards will be produced  to sit with the products to promote the businesses associated with them.

Displaying products is free to the designer / business and is open to anyone whether they are a start up or established enterprise, providing they are located in the borough of Hackney.

Anyone wishing further information or with a proposal for the showcase should contact John Cruse john.cruse@hackney.gov.uk

An image and description of the item, together with a sense of size, and anything that makes it special / unique would be appreciated.