Here you will find an overview of opportunities that are available for designers and makers from organisations and individuals. This includes joining the Hidden Art E-Shop, finding studio space, awards, participation in exhibitions, as well as specialist support.


Here you will find more details on selling your products online:
Joining Hidden Art E-Shop

This section will give you an overview of events in which you can participate and apply for  to sell your work:
Exhibiting and Selling

Finding out what grants, funding or commissions might be available to apply for

Funding, Grants and Commissions


Details of services that are available such as photographers  Services

Jobs and Vacancies

Jobs and Vacancies

Studio and Desk Space

Studio Space

Designers Makers Support

Practical advice and signposting, whether it is getting tips from specialists in specific areas:

Seminars. 1-2-1 sessions and Forums


Case studies and profiles

See how others have done it to get inspiration and tips.
Case Studies and Profiles

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