How social media can help your SME business, 19 April 2013


19th April 2013

Free for eligible businesses

9:30 AM – 3:30 PM


A workshop that allows delegates to review a full array of social media tools, and to understand which of those tools can best serve their businesses. Delegates will leave the workshop armed with tools they need to grow their social media presence, and reach a much wider audience.
The programme:
 What is social media and why do we need it
 What makes great content and how best to share it.
 Collaboration and channels.
 Interactive day which will review relevant social media platforms


Penny Jackson has worked on numerous social media projects,The British Council initiative, creating film that showcased at the ICA. She directed the the award win-ning T M Lewin films. She has 13 years background with the BBC World Service, she ran a training department rolling out digital platforms for BBC news.
Naomi Paget – previously Head of Social Media and Mar-keting for TM Lewin with a wide experience of making social media work for small and medium businesses, her clients have included House of Fraser and Designers Guild. She won 2011 Social Buzz Award for best Retail Social Media Strategy.

For further information, to check eligibility and to register please contact:

Tel: 020 7976 3541

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