Calling All Mobile Art Vehicles

June 2014


Celebrating the extraordinary world of mobile art vehicles

in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

20th – 21st September, 2014

Submission deadline: 9am, Monday 7th July 2014

For the first time in the UK, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park is hosting a celebration of ingenious and extraordinary mobile art vehicles from across the country. From the smallest portable theatre, to a fully functioning mobile artist’s studio – this is an open call inviting art vehicles on land, sea or air to join this unique event and explore what it means for art to travel and be mobile.

Brought together on the newly re-opened Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in east London, this extensive collection of art vehicles will provide an opportunity for artist across art forms to discuss their portable practices and explore how these have contributed to new ways of working in public spaces. The event will expose the very best of mobile architecture and design and will be promoted as part of Open House London weekend, offering a chance to share your practice with tens of thousands of visitors to the Park. A free film and talks programme will also compliment the event, screening artists films, exploring concepts behind mobility in more detail and showcasing international projects.

 Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park is now inviting submissions from existing or planned mobile art vehicles to participate in this event.

Submission deadline: 9am, Monday 7th July 2014.

Please read on for more details and how to apply.

The East London Mobile Workshop commissioned by Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park 2013- 2014 2

 The Event: Portability: Art on the Move

10am, 20th September – 8pm, 21st September 2014

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London, E20

We are looking for at least 20 vehicles from across the UK (an internationally if possible) that will contribute to the weekend discussions around mobile art practices, that showcase creative and innovative design, and that will provide an inspiring and accessible experience for a wide audience.

All of the vehicles selected for inclusion will be on display for the public to explore throughout the weekend and will be invited to take part in the free programme of related talks, workshops and film screenings focusing on the contribution of mobile art practices within current discourses surrounding community engagement, participatory processes and culture-led regeneration. Exploring historical precedents, ethical motivations and the ‘aesthetic of engagement’, other speakers will include curators, architects and cultural commentators. The event will be promoted widely as part of the summer events programme on Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Current audience numbers to the Park on a weekend are averaging at 20,000 per day, from local, national and international visitors.

Background Information and Other Confirmed Vehicles

Portability: Art on the Move marks the end of the East London Mobile Workshop (ELMO), a year-long programme commissioned by Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park as part of our arts and culture programme in and around the Park. Over the course of a year ELMO, a 1970’s Bedford Bus, has been transformed into a roaming artist’s studio and used as a platform to deliver a participatory arts and crafts programme in a variety of locations and contexts.

ELMO was developed with the awareness that the UK has a historic abundance of inspiring mobile art projects, where vehicles feature as an intrinsic component of an expanded artistic practice. This event takes the opportunity to formally conclude the ELMO programme while celebrating this very particular type of art project, and to explore how mobile projects could form part of future plans on the Park for interim and short term uses.

The event is being curated by Adriana Marques, Head of Arts and Culture for Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and Fiona Boundy, curator and project director for ELMO.

Participating and invited vehicles include:

Elmo, Designed by Studio Weave and Nous Vous 3

Wick on Wheels, publicworks

Kent Cultural Baton, Nicole Mollett

Poetry Potting Shed, A New Direction and Apples & Snakes

Tiny Travelling Theatre, Aberrant Architecture

Floating Cinema, UP Projects and Somewhere

Mobile Gull Appreciation Unit, Mark Dion

East London Mobile Workshop, Fiona Boundy, Nous Vous

Ghost, Adam Chodzko 4

A number of exciting projects have already agreed to take part in the event and talks programme, including The Kent Cultural Baton, a converted Airstream caravan which became the touring receptacle for a unique archive devoted to Kent’s cultural history; Wick on Wheels by publicworks, a roaming recycling and production unit on a transformed milk float; the Tiny Travelling Theatre by Aberrant Architecture which hosts intimate performances for up to six people at a time; and the Mobile Gull Appreciation Unit by Mark Dion which shares information about the evolution, ethnology, natural history and folklore of seagulls. During our planned two day event, we are looking to host many more vehicles which have been created by artists and used as a tool to engage communities and participants in a variety of contexts.

We also want to celebrate the continued tradition of vehicles as artworks in their own right, which function primarily as an art object rather than as a platform/stage/prop for other activities. Examples include the magical and otherworldly Ghost by Adam Chodzko, a unique hand-crafted kayak which will be used by the artist in a series of performances on the River Lea during the weekend, and the equally enchanting Tales of Time and Space by Heather and Ivan Morison, which includes the transformation of a former Green Goddess fire engine into a library devoted entirely to science fiction.

How to apply:

We are looking for vehicles that will contribute to the weekend discussions around mobile art practices, that showcase creative and innovative design, and that will provide an inspiring and accessible experience for the varied audience of Park visitors.

Please send a document no more than 2 pages to:

Deadline for submissions: Monday 7th July, 9am.


• All wheeled vehicles coming onto the Park must be road legal and have suitable insurance. All other types of vehicles and portable structures must be transported by appropriate and road legal methods.

• If your proposed vehicle is not road legal, it must be towed onto the Park by a road legal trailer or similar.

• We are especially looking for vehicles which have been made accessible to disabled or older people and which can be enjoyed by a wide range of audiences. We know that often older vehicles have not been modified or designed in this way, so please consider how you could ensure that everyone can enjoy and experience your vehicle/structure through your use of the space around it in the Park.

• We are also looking for vehicles which promote sustainability, reuse and recycling.

• All vehicles must be safe and structurally sound, able to be exposed to large visitors numbers of up to 20,000 per day.


Applications must include the following details:

The Applicant

• Name(s) and contact details of applicant and name(s) of vehicle owner (if different from applicant).

• Brief CV highlights of artist or company who have produced the vehicle.

The Vehicle

• Details of submitted vehicle, year of production, type, size and all practical requirements (does it need to be towed, does it require power etc.)

• Registration and insurance details (please note the vehicle does not need to be insured at the time of applying, but if selected, it will need to be fully insured and road legal to take part in this event).

• Details on history of the vehicle; what prompted developing it, how long has it been working, what type of work does it deliver, what communities has it reached out to. If still in development, please give information of the aims and designs of the project.

• Travel details of where the vehicle will be coming from, and what travel expenses are requested.

Activities and Accessibility

• Details of any activities that the vehicle could host during the weekend or any material that could contribute to the film and talks programme. Please indicate if there are any costs associated with your proposed activities, and provide a clear breakdown of what these are for.

• Details of how the vehicle will be accessible to a range of audiences including disabled and older people.


• At least three high resolution, printable images of the proposed vehicle (can be separate to the two page document).

• Images of any activities you propose to run as part of the event.



Deadline for applications is 9am Monday 7th July. The final selection will be made by 14th July. We will endeavour to accommodate as many vehicles as possible within the space and budget available for the event.

If selected, your vehicle must be on the Park by 9am on Saturday 20th September and must stay until 8pm on Sunday 21st. There will be 24 hour security provided over night. Please note that all vehicles must have appropriate insurances and if applicable be road worthy.


We are able to pay for reasonable travel costs and for reasonable expenses to deliver any proposed activities as part of the weekend. Please include clear details in your submission.

The selection panel will consist of:

Adriana Marques, Head of Arts and Culture, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

Fiona Boundy, Curator and Project Director for ELMO

Sara Doctors, Events, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park


For any questions during the application process, please contact Fiona Boundy at:

 Taking proposals forward

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park reserves the right to not progress with any of the submitted proposals if they do not feel that they adequately meet the aims and objectives of the event, or if they do not sufficiently demonstrate to be viable within the timescale and budget.

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