Canary Wharf 2006-7

Exhibiting selling Canary Wharf
Hidden Art showcased a collection of work from Hidden Art designer-maker members selling through the Hidden Art E-Shop at Canary Wharf between 11 December 2006 and 5 January 2007
The designer-makers showing their work include:
Akerkhoff (Bucket Bag)
Aline Johnson Glass Design (Microstriped Handkerchief Vase)
Arris Design (George Clock)
Black+Blum (Loop)
Bookery (New Leaf, Ebb & Flow)
Crafted Design (Wine Rack)
Domesticity (Shed Hook)
Duffy London (Miniprints)
Eleanor Pritchard (Aqua Square Peg Blanket and Bags)
Emma D’Arcey (Heart Albums)
Georgina Griffiths (Flutter White Platter,  5 Drop Icicle Pendant, Multiple Pendulum Pendant)
Leonhard Pfeifer (Sushi Board)
Lucy Merchant (Mommy’s Chair)
Moluche (Altiplano White Cushion, Mini Scarves)
Scabetti (Swallow Vase, Prophopots)
Snowden Flood (Wires plate, Motorway Plate, Distant Fence Mug, Cows Mug)
Thelermont Hupton (Unfinished Clock Mugs)

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