Hidden Art Schools Project

Hidden Art has undertaken a schools project since 1995. In this section you will find some information and info on some of these.
The Hidden Art Schools Project was launched 10 years ago with the aim of involving local children with the Hidden Art community.
Initially, the Schools Project ran alongside Hidden Art’s Open Studio events. The Open Studios offer the public a glimpse inside designer-makers’ workspace, and an opportunity to buy directly from the source. The Schools Project involved local children visiting local venues and creating posters, which were entered into a competition to be displayed in an exhibition and on buses and the Docklands Light Railway.
Hidden Art Schools Project in 1999
Hidden Art Schools Project 2002
In 2005, the Schools Project evolved into an exciting new teacher placement scheme. Teachers spend time with a Hidden Art designer-maker leading on to an inspiring schools project back in the classroom where children will design and make their own 3-D work. A selection of the children’s work will be shown in the Then, Now and Future Exhibition at the Prince’s Foundation.
Pupil at Latham Junior School Newham
Hidden Art organised two school days as part of Hidden Art Open Studios on the Fridays (24 November and 1 December 2006) prior to the weekends of 25/26 November and 2/3 December when designer-makers opened up their studios to the general public.
During these days 78 pupils from 3 participating local secondary schools visited designer-maker studios to increase their knowledge of design and making process4es and skills as part of their Key Stage 3 and 4 Design and Technology National Curriculum Work.

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