Awards 2005

Hidden Art Awards 2005 – Tuesday December 6, 6-8pm
 Awards 2005
The second annual Hidden Art Awards ceremony, to mark the achievements of Hidden Art members, took place on Tuesday 6th December at Underbelly on Hoxton Square – a great evening with a large turn out of members and associated friends.
Shortlists were created from public voting and winners determined by a selection panel consisting of; David Dewing from the Geffrye Museum, David Belshaw from Fusion East and Tanya Castell from UBS.
Commendations were also awarded for some categories where nomination entries were of a very high standard.
This year’s winners and shortlists are:
Most Active Member – a designer-maker who has made the most of their membership by attending Hidden Art training, networking, showcasing and trade events
  • Ryan Frank
  • Doug Harper
  • Michelle Mason – Flaunt Creative
  • Junior Phipps – Conscious Forms
  • Charles Trevelyan
Winner: Michelle Mason
Michelle has worked actively in many ways to raise the profile of her company and Hidden Art.   She has participated in the Milan exhibition, 100% Design, is on the E-shop, showcased work at the Salt Gallery as part of the Hidden Art Cornwall launch, and will exhibit work in the Canary Wharf showcase during December.
She has submitted concepts for various projects through the Design Brokerage and her involvement with the Big Chill was carried out with the utmost professionalism and commitment.
Michelle also organised a showcase of Hidden Art members work at the Accelerator during the London Design Festival.  She is a wonderful example, by her dedication and her enthusiasm.
Award presented by: Tony Simpson, from Government Office for London and Vicky Fabbri, Events and Membership Co-ordinator at Hidden Art.

Most Outstanding New Member to Join Hidden Art – a designer-maker who has made an impact since joining Hidden Art this year, through effort, participation and achievement
  • Jeremy Cole
  • Chris Duffy – Duffy London
  • Magnus Long
  • Charles Trevelyan
Winner: Charles Trevelyan
Charles joined Hidden Art in September 2004 and has taken advantage of every opportunity offered through the Hidden Art network.
Charles has raised his profile and has successfully managed to attract the attention of the design world by exhibiting with Hidden Art in Milan and at 100% Design this year.    He has also submitted and won various briefs through the Design Brokerage service, including commissions to design products for Finlandia Vodka as part of the Big Chill festival, Heals and 2PM.
His general commitment, professionalism and presentations are second to none. 
Commendation: Chris Duffy
Award presented by: Harry Richardson from Committee, winner of last year’s award.

Best Commission / Business Deal – a designer-maker who has landed a great deal or undertaken a highly successful commission
  • Rock Galpin – for his commission with Bartle Bogle Hegarty to design a set of glasses for the Baileys advertising campaign.
  • Charles Trevelyan – for his Finlandia loveseat outside the cocktail bar at the Big Chill festival
  • Alison Willoughby – for her window display and interior installation at Urban Outfitters during the London Fashion Week
Winner: Rock Galpin
This was one of the largest and prestigious deals Hidden Art brokered in 2005. Rock submitted a fantastic proposal, previously not having worked in glass before, but also pushed himself to delivering the project in time and on budget, within the extremely tight conditions.
Rock took on this project and handled it in a truly professional manner throughout. The adverts for Baileys are now appearing globally featuring an amazing product by a Hidden Art designer-maker.
This is a true testimonial to how a commission should be done.
Award presented by: Saskia Boersma from Transport for London, and Kate Storer, winner of last year’s award.

Best Press Profile – a designer-maker who has attracted a lot of press attention this year, or received outstanding coverage of their work, product or design
  • Susan Bradley
  • Jeremy Cole
  • Olivier Droillard – Olivier & Co
  • Magnus Long
  • Charles Trevelyan
Winner: Jeremy Cole
Jeremy Cole represents 16% of all the press received for Hidden Art members.  He has clearly picked up on a trend for sculptural ceramic lighting and marketed himself cleverly to raise his profile.   His range of coverage has included high quality pieces in the Sunday Times, the Telegraph, Guardian, Elle Decoration, ID New York, IDFX, Vogue UK, Wallpaper.
Jeremy has proved consistently that he markets himself and his products in a manner press just cannot resist.
Award presented by: Peter Brimson from the London Development Agency and Sarah Mann former Information Co-ordinator at Hidden Art.

Best Appearance at a Trade Show / Exhibition – an appearance at one or more trade shows or exhibitions that was judged to be successful, distinctive or popular
  • Jeremy Cole
  • Ryan Frank
  • Thelermont Hupton
  • Aline Johnson
  • Viable (Magnus Long, Gala Wright, Charles Trevelyan)
Winner: Viable
Viable have taken their involvement with Hidden Art and let it develop into a collaboration of epic proportions. Magnus, Charles and Gala met whilst exhibiting in Milan with Hidden Art and decided that working together was the way forward. Subsequently they started their company Viable.
They launched during the London Design Festival in the GERMAN Gymnasium – a huge space in King Cross.  The design, build and finance came only from the Viable team showing their commitment to the project.
A show of this kind can only be accomplished with passion, enthusiasm and commitment.
Award presented by: William Knight from the London Design Festival, and Sally Hudson winner of last year’s award.

Favourite Product in the Hidden Art E-Shop – this award will be made for most popular product in the Hidden Art E-shop, as chosen by visitors, designer-makers and sales
  • Anti-quaint – for Sling seat
  • Black and Blum – for James the Bookend
  • Susan Bradley – for botanical mirror and creep shelves
  • Liz Emtage – for Lasagne Light
  • Michelle Mason – Grace table light
  • Spinifex – For OTO storage unit
Winner: Black and Blum
Black and Blum’s philosophy is to show that ‘designed’ products can be made affordable without compromising their quality.  James the Bookend is a perfect example of this and a perfect E-Shop product.  It has been the top-selling item since the launch of the Hidden Art online shop in September.   
Commendation: Susan Bradley
Award presented by: Sarah Purvis from the City Fringe Partnership, and Junior Phipps, last years winner of Best product in the Hidden Art Shop.

Most Active Company / Manufacturer Involved in Hidden Art – the company or manufacturer that has made the most of their involvement with Hidden Art
  • 2PM for their lighting brief for the Design Brokerage
  • Big Chill for commissioning the Finlandia loveseat and merchandise for the 2005 festival.
  • Heal’s for a brief for the contemporary mid priced chandelier and the forthcoming Heal’s discovers brief for 2006.
  • Holts for providing a CAD CAM taster session for jewellery designers.
Winner: Heal’s
Heal’s have been synonymous with quality high end products for 200 years. They started working with Hidden Art three years ago and have launched three new products into the marketplace through the Hidden Art Design Brokerage. Their support of new and up and coming designers has proven not only beneficial for Heals but also for the designer-makers involved.
Commendation: Big Chill
Award presented by: Guys Beggs, from Furniture Works at London Metropolitan University, and Hidden Art’s Design Brokerage Manager Jodie Eastwood.

NEW! Most Active Associate or Pool of Specialists Member Involved in Hidden Art – the associate or pool of specialist member that has made the most of their involvement with Hidden Art, by providing support for members and the whole company.
  • Furniture Works – an associate member
  • Michael Hannah – member of the Hidden Art Pool of Specialists
  • London Design Festival – an associate member
  • Kati Price – member of the Hidden Art Pool of Specialists
Winner: Furniture Works
Hidden Art and Furniture Works have worked together on a number of collaborations over the years.  The activities of both organisations are very complementary and Furniture Works are consistently helping designer-makers in improving their skills.  Furniture Works played a large part in helping Hidden Art to develop the Design Brokerage service, and they have regularly provided support by hosting the Hidden Art Annual Forum, and by participating in the Design London exhibition in Milan.
Commendation: Michael Hannah
Award presented by:  Patsy Francis from UBS, and Alison Coward, Events and Membership Manager at Hidden Art.

Most Influential / Most Inspiring Member – someone that has been an inspiration and paved the way for other designer-maker members
  • Ella Doran
  • Rock Galpin
  • Junior Phipps – Conscious Forms
  • Yve Thelermont and David Hupton – Thelermont Hupton
Winner: Ella Doran
Ella Doran has been a Hidden Art member for many years and is very much a role model for other designer-makers.  She has had products commissioned by the Tate, sells through a variety of retailers including Heals, and has opened her own shop. 
Despite all of this, she still has the time to participate in Hidden Art’s initiatives, such as the Hidden Art Open Studios and the recent UBS Challenge day.  And she encourages her assistants to attend the monthly networking sessions to keep up to date with information.
Ella has whole-heartedly embraced the digital age with her prints and has quickly established her brand, whilst at the same time remaining contemporary in her distinctive style.
Award presented by: Wendy Wyatt from Creative London and Dominic Crinson, winner of last year’s Lifetime Achiever Award.

First Hidden Art franchise
Winner: Hidden Art Cornwall
Hidden Art Cornwall was initiated by Hannah Maughan a Hidden Art member who missed Hidden Art services and support when she moved to Cornwall. In June 2004 in reply to the franchise advert she teamed up with other lecturers at University College Falmouth, resulting in the University launching the first Hidden Art franchise. Since then, Jessie Higginson, Hidden Art Cornwall’s project manager has organised a wide range of initiatives for the benefit of Cornish designer-makers – including the launch on November 11th at Cornish Mines and Engines, an exhibition at the Salt Gallery, a presence at 100% Design 05 and  this year’s Hidden Art Open Studios.
This Award is to thank University College Falmouth – Niamh Lamond, Chris Chapman, Hannah Maughan, Katie Bunnell and last but not least Jessie Higginson for their belief in what Hidden Art stands about, their enthusiasm and commitment.

The Hidden Art team also won a special award on the night – for who these Awards and achievements would not have been possible. The whole team has made this year a phenomenal year for Hidden Art, with two awards, a high profile and an impressive list of initiatives that have been successfully undertaken. 
Finally congratulations again to all the nominees and the winners! All the winners receive a year’s free Hidden Art membership as well as their stunning award.
Thank You!
To all the award presenters; Guy Beggs, Saskia Boersma, Peter Brimson, Dominic Crinson, Patsy Francis, Sally Hudson, William Knight, Sarah Mann, Junior Phipps, Sarah Purvis, Harry Richardson, Tony Simpson, Kate Storer and Wendy Wyatt.
And of course the selection panel; David Belshaw, Tanya Castell, David Dewing.
Thank you for all your help and continuous support.

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