Environmental Policy

Hidden Art believes that all businesses, large and small can make an effort to reduce their negative environmental impact/ carbon footprint.

 Our Office Policy covers a range of areas helping to contribute to a sustainable office environment.  Broadly, this includes an:

 Environmental policy – to protect the environment by ensuring the sustainable use and disposal of scarce resources.

  • Buy recycled policy – providing the purchasing framework to advance the sustainable use of resources and ensure that every effort is made to source recycled products where possible.
  • Sustainable waste management policy – combining a recycling policy with waste minimisation and reuse.
  • Sustainable Procurement policy – by combining resources and collaborating, procurement costs could be reduced
  • Transport Policy

 Waste Management – Reduction:

 Hidden Art does not use disposable cups or cutlery. We use glasses, crockery and mugs.

  • Hidden Art tries to reduce the wastage of water and detergents by using only what it is necessary to have both a clean and healthy kitchen and office.
  • Promotional literature and reports are produced electronically and made available on our website where possible. Only where a member has no access to the Internet, will we print off and send out a copy of the document in question.
  • We continually research ways in which we can encourage a paperless office, whilst ensuring accessibility to our services and complying with legal regulations for funders, and others.
  • Draft documents are only printed if strictly necessary.

 Energy Consumption – Reduction:

 Hidden Art aims to reduce energy consumption and employs the following energy saving measures:

 All computers and monitors are switched off when not in use. All monitors are low energy and use a low energy screen saver activated when the computer is not in use for longer than five minutes, throughout the day.

  • The photocopier has a save-energy mode.
  • All electronic equipment including printers, photocopiers, computers & monitors, lights, machinery and kitchen equipment are switched off when the office is not in use.
  • All windows and internal doors are kept closed to avoid the loss of heat – in the winter.
  • When not necessary lights are switched off and we use low energy consumption bulbs.


 Envelopes are reused with new address labels where possible.

  • Carrier bags and boxes are saved to be reused as required.
  • CD cases are collected and reused (and discs are recycled).
  • Folders and dividers are saved and re-used.
  • Paper is reused – and if required, draft documents will be printed on the reverse (unused) side.
  • All emails have ‘Consider the environment, think before you print’.


 We recycle the following:

 White paper, mixed paper, newspapers and magazines.

  • Cardboard
  • Glass bottles, plastic
  • Aluminium & steel cans.
  • Printer cartridges.
  • batteries


 We buy modular furniture that can be re-used in different configurations when the office needs to adapt or expand.


We actively encourage the use of bicycles whenever possible provide safe bicycle ‘parking’ space. For those for whom this is not possible, we clearly outline the different public transport options available to staff and visitors to our offices.

 Our members:

 We actively encourage our members to implement an environmental policy and undertake an environmental audit and ensure that this is incorporated in Hidden Art’s support programme. Areas that are of importance for members include:


  • Reduction of water consumption
  • Use of recycled or sustainably managed materials
  • Use of sustainable production processes
  • Reduction of energy consumption

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