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Milan Design Week

All designers at Design London, Superstudio13, Milan 2004

21 April 2020

Dieneke Ferguson

This is the time of the year that the global design community heads for Milan for the annual design celebrations. It doesn’t only consist of a massive design fair but also of a myriad of exhibitions in Milan itself.  So instead of the real thing this year, here are links of past events. Hidden Art also exhibited in Milan, which you can see in the links below.

Milan Design Week 2017

Milan Design Week 2017, 20 years of Salone Satelite, Jeeves and Wooster Lights by Jake Phipps


Milan Design Week 2017, La Rinascenta, Paola Pivi, I am tired of eating fish

Milan Design Week 2016

The Restaurant by Caesarstone and Tom Dixon


Makers and Bakers, Airbnb with Ambra Medda. Ristorante Marta, Milan Design Week 2016

Milan Design Week 2015

Designersblock in Milan 2013


 Milan Design Week 2014

Milan Design Week 2014, Moooi

 Milan Design Week 2013

Traditions Exhibition at Triennale, Milan Design Week 2013

Frank at Hidden Art stand Superstudio13, Milan 2003

Hidden Art has participated in Milan until 2010. The overview is here

Hidden Art in Milan 2002 – 2010

View of Design London Stand, Milan 2004. Work from Dominic Crinson in forefront.

Invitation for Design London, Superstudio13, Milan 2004

Hidden Art, Superstudio, Milan 2006

Gareth Neal at Hidden Art stand, Salone Satelite, Milan 2008

Anthony Dickens, Hidden Art Stand at Salone Satelite 2007


Private View, Hidden Art at Salone Satelite, Milan 2007


Hidden Art Stand at Salone Satelite, Milan 2010


Milan 2008 Participants

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