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Rubykite – From Art to Scarf

11 October 2019

By Dieneke Ferguson

Founded by designers Joy Leese and Tamara Williams , RubyKite create original art works that are used in making silk scarves and accessories. Ideas always start with drawings, from a love of composition and visual space through to the energy and freedom of abstract line work. Unique textures are explored through different printmaking techniques which translate beautifully onto each scarf. Each colour story is printed in small batches and packaged by hand.

Ruby kite is always original with limited editions that stand-out as truly individual.

Tamara Williams and Joy Leese from RubyKite


The rings of a cut tree are wondrous. Each one is unique and tells its own story. The beauty of the curved lines with their fine textures and uneven edges is hard to capture as a drawing. But, etching plates with their carved graphic lines and inky burrs work really well.  For their silks and cashmere modals they have used two tree etchings. . They particularly love the mono-tone abstract nature of the marks which become almost animal-like when taken really big.

Tree Large Silk Square by RubyKite

The textural tree design is printed on cotton sateen. The reverse side is in silver grey velvet with contrast acid yellow piping around the edge.

Tree Cushion Cover by RubyKite


They have always loved the detail of small, precious items found on morning walks. The feather and Calendula started as a quick monotone sketch with colour notes for printing. Lino-cuts were created before inking with muted greens, smudgy blues and soft pinks reminiscent of dewy Summer mornings. These were cast in plaster to add layers and textures which really come to life on the large silks and soft cashmere.

Calendula large Square by RubyKite

The large “Calendula” pure silk scarf is printed from an original lino-cut plate and cast in plaster to add layers and textures and it really come to life at such a large scale. Trimmed with an inky blue chiffon edging to frame the original image.

Calendula Large Silk Square by RubyKite


The Wildscape Series is inspired by long walks along the fields and beaches of Norfolk. Their Wildscape paintings started as a series of colour sketches, before being painted on plaster. The plaster transforms the bright colours into a chalky palette of coastal tones.

Wildscape Large Silk Square by Rubykite

Wildscape Yellow Cushion by RubyKite

Wildscape Long Silk by Scarf RubyKite

This scarf looks amazing draped over the shoulders or can be tied in various ways. RubyKite chose two of the nine editions for printing on to their silks. The textures from each of the little works are greatly magnified and create wonderfully abstract detail on a large scale.

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