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Studio Hemal Patel launches the Terrace Collection at 100% Design

12 September 2018

By Dieneke Ferguson

Designer Hemal Patel has chosen 100% Design to launch the Terrace Collection, the inaugural project of Studio Hemal Patel that was launched in May 2018 by design brand Headsprung!

Terrace Coffee Table by Studio Hemal Patel

It consists of a range of beautiful contemporary wooden furniture whose designs are inspired by terrace farming practices that are employed in the mountainous regions of the Far East and South America. The range is designed to be functional art, with the ‘terraces’ carved from the wood to form smooth, sweeping contours that imbue a striking sculptural elegance.

The collection was born from a desire to create furniture that is new and interesting in both form and function. Aesthetically, it introduces a new design language and topology that is eye-catching and original, and functionally, it offers a user experience that is unconventional yet familiar. It does all of this by using layering, in the guise of terraces, to construct levels and platforms at varying heights that provide usable space in an unexpected way.

Terrace Coffee Table by Studio Hemal Patel

The range currently consists of a coffee table and a set of wall shelves. The Terrace Coffee Table takes a triangular form with soft, rounded corners. Meandering across its centre is a beautifully crafted ‘mountain range’ with terracing along its length. On each side of the ridge are flat expanses that provide work or storage surfaces. Both are large enough to accommodate A3 Paper, making the table practical for everyday use. The design works so well because it manages to achieve its goal of being functional art – it offers a practical solution that is suitable for everyday use, whilst being a beautiful, decorative object in its own right.

Terrace Coffee Table by Studio Hemal Patel

The Terrace Shelves are available in 3 sizes (small, medium and long) with each taking its own unique shape. The Terrace Shelves use the platforms to provide storage space at different heights, to showcase decorations, photos and keepsakes in a fresh and distinctive way.

Terrace Wall Shelf by Studio Hemal Patel

The Terrace Collection is suitable for domestic or commercial environments and is available in 4 different woods: Sapele, Maple, Oak and American Black Walnut. Each piece is skilfully made in the UK using a combination of computer-controlled machining and expert craftsmanship.

Terrace Wall Shelf, by Studio Hemal Patel

Studio Hemal Patel aims to design and redefine the material world in a progressive and purposeful way. They craft products and experiences that engage users and elicit positive emotional responses.

The Terrace Coffee Table has been shortlisted in the Best Table category of the International Design and Architecture Awards 2018 and the awards ceremony will be held on 21st September. It is also one of the finalists in the World of Interiors News Awards 2018.

The show at 100% Design will be a showcase of their inaugural collection, and will give a flavour of what they do.

Stacked Coffee Table by Studio Hemal Patel

This also includes the Stacked Coffee Table. The Table is inspired by cards haphazardly heaped in a pile. The table is also a celebration of wood as it showcases the beauty and personality of 3 different species of wood – Maple, Oak and Walnut.

Alongside this will be two favourites which Hemal Patel designed through his Design Company Headsprung!: The Ribbon Coat Rack, a sculptural wall-mounted coat rack inspired by a ribbon blowing in the wind, and the Ooob Doorstop/bookend. The Ooob is a geometric doorstop which is ergonomically designed to eliminate catch points, meaning no more stubbed toes.

Ooob Doorstop by Studio Hemal Patel

Both the Ribbon Coat Rack and the Ooob are available through Headsprung! at the Hidden Art E-Shop.

Ribbon Coat Rack b y Studio Hemal Patel

The founder, Hemal Patel was born in the UK but with Indian heritage and Hemal grew up with influences from both cultures which inform his decision making to this day. He studied at Loughborough University and then Cambridge University and then worked in the manufacturing engineering industry before settling into design.

100% Design
Stand DL 75
19-22 September 2018

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