Whimsical, Quirky Gifts from Takae Mizutani

29th November 2016

By Josie Mills

Takae Mizutani

Takae Mizutani

Takae Mizutani and Sons specialises in ‘bringing a small delight to everyday life’, whose products are often described as whimsical and quirky.

Designer and artist Takae, founder of Take Mizutani and Sons, injects her child-like quirky personality into her products. Her creations are perfect for evoking childhood memories and naivety, which makes them perfect for Christmas gifts! Her collection ranges from Egg and Soldier cups, Snail Cake Plates and a Sailboat Salt and Pepper Shaker. Takae’s simple ideas and her endless imagination is what makes her collection so sweet and unique; the perfect gifts for special occasions!

Takae, was selected to be part of Christmas Present a Christmas pop-up shop taking place at the Geffrye Museum. Hidden Art Christmas Present coincides with Christmas Past, an exhibition that has taken place at the Geffrye for over 25 years.

Memory of Falmouth salt and pepper Shaker by Takae Mizutani and Sons

Memory of Falmouth Salt and Pepper Shaker by Takae Mizutani and Sons

Takae’s aim is to create products that bring a smile to peoples’ faces. Her collection has a very distinct quality, made entirely from earthenware clay, for a beautiful look and feel. She gets ideas from simple things that she finds interesting and creates products she would like to have or give to somebody who shares her childlike ideas. Pouring her personality and soul into her designing reflects the quality of Takae’s products. Indeed, her work is not mass produced, each detail is worked upon to create the highest quality and sweet designs. Whilst this may not be an entirely commercial way of working, it is an indulgent way of working which shows her love of designing and producing her products.

My Egg and Soldiers by Takae Mizutani and Sons

My Egg and Soldiers by Takae Mizutani and Sons

One of Takae’s most loved products is ‘My Egg & Soldiers’. For most of us, morning is like the start of a battle to a hectic day ahead. ‘My Egg & Soldiers’ breakfast set is perfect for anyone who enjoys some fun and good energy in the morning. Inspiration for Takae’s simple yet beautiful idea of giving Soldiers a stand, as well as the egg, has created a piece of functional artwork for the table. As Takae states ‘Good soldiers need royal horses and a tasty egg needs to be in a humble castle’. Takae’s earthenware clay creations are the perfect way to bring personality and fun to the most important meal of the day.

Sweet Home Snail Cake Plate by Takae Mizutani and Sons

Sweet Home Snail Cake Plate by Takae Mizutani and Sons

Another popular design by Takae is her Sweet Home Snail Cake Plate. The perfect gift for the food lovers among you, the Sweet Home Snail Cake Plate is adaptable to all foods! One day it can be brioche snail, another day it becomes a cupcake snail or a healthier choice of an apple snail. Sweet Home Snail Cake Plate is a cute little snail shaped serving dish for cakes, fruits and anything you fancy!

To see Takae Mizutani and Sons full collection click here

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