Bright Potato launches Mangle during Milan Design Week 2016

Bright Potato with Mangle plant pot and Papillon at Salone Satelite 2016

Bright Potato with Mangle plant pot and Papillon at Salone Satelite 2016

Bright Potato, a multidisciplinary creative design studio choose the Salone Satelite during the Milan Design Week 2016 to launch their latest project, Mangle.

Mangle is a plant and tree pot designed specifically to promote the growth and development of trees and plants in the urban landscape. The name mangle is derived from the tropical mangrove trees and particularly the fact that mangroves are among the most productive and complex ecosystems on the planet.

Thriving within harsh tropical and subtropical environments in locations between land and sea, the mangrove has the unique ability to survive and grow in the soil/mud of these location which contains high levels of salt that ordinary plants and trees cannot survive in.

As a result of these characteristics the Mangrove is the basis for the development and support of micro ecosystems of all other flora, fauna & wildlife within these harsh environments. It is in these characterises that Mangle is attempting to emulate in the harsh environment of the urban landscape. Mangle is still at prototype stage and will be launched later in 2016.

It is the latest of the projects of Bright Potato. Bright Potato was set up in February 2013 by two friends, Diego Martinez from Spain and David Beirne from Ireland. They met in Ireland during their studies and decided to settle in London. The name Bright Potato is a creative expression of the cultural identity of the studio’s founders, Diego Martinez Pereira (Spanish i.e. bright) & David Bernie (irish, ie potato). It reflects their approach of creative intervention and practical implementation of simple innovative design.

Their Papillon pendant series is named after the largest known family of butterflies the “Papilionidae” family. It expresses the elegant forms and colours of the fluttering wings of the butterfly.

London Design Festival, Tent, Bright Potato

London Design Festival, Tent, Bright Potato, Launch of Papillon

Peg is a collection of tables, desks and stools and is centered around the  simple idea of deconstructing the elements that make up tables and stools. Each peg comes with four legs and a top making each piece as effortless simple as they look

Peg Stool by Bright Potato

Peg Stool by Bright Potato

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