Discover Snowden Flood – Souvenirs you would love to own

10 May 2016

by Josie Mills

Snowden Flood Closeup

Snowden Flood in her studio

Snowden Flood is an interior accessories designer based in her shop on the River Thames in London’s Oxo Tower Wharf. She sells directly from her shop and creates her unique and fascinating designs in the studio there also. Her collection ranges through iconic landmarks, Art Deco inspired diving ladies, colourful patterns and graphic tree and flower drawings printed onto drinking glasses and candles.

Designing and creating has always been her passion since the age of fourteen when she set up market stalls, selling and designing her own handmade earrings and clothes.

Years later she turned her creative instinct and flair for design into her dream, pursing a degree in Fine Art and a further Masters in Sculpture in New York City, where she then settled for 10 years. She has worked for high end architect, Peter Marino, on projects such as stores for Chanel & Dior, 4 Seasons Hotels and many grand residential homes. Snowden has worked with many manufacturers over the years which inspired her to design and develop her own range of accessories.

River Mug Set by Snowden Flood

River Mug Set by Snowden Flood

Snowden’s training and outstanding attention to detail is apparent in her work. Her iconic landmark designs were inspired by the love of the city she returned to and now lives in. Most importantly, her designs have grown from a desire of creating souvenirs and keepsake items that she could give to her friends in the USA to cherish and that people would want to have in their homes for years to come.

River Series Dinner Plates by Snowden Flood

River Series Dinner Plates by Snowden Flood

After creating her first set of cushion designs, Snowden was encouraged by a product consultant from Barneys to expand her range into plates, mugs and tableware. From there the beautiful designs we know and love today were born, and so her collection grew. See her ‘River Series Dinner Plates’ collection above.

Thames Tea Set in Gold by Snowden Flood

Thames Tea Set in Gold by Snowden Flood

One of my favourite designs is the ‘Thames Tea Set in Gold’ which is visually stunning. The set includes one Thames teapot in gold & two matching Thames cups and saucers. The Thames tea collection carefully follows the path of the river starting from its source at Thames Head and flowing around the teapot as it makes its way to the sea. It perfectly captures the UK’s most famous river and makes for a wonderfully unique tea set to impress house guests.

Initially Snowden produced all her collections by hand, but as her popularity grew she developed a relationship with a small batch production unit in Stoke on Trent. She continues to work closely with them still. Her love of London is channelled through her designs which in turn makes each portrayal of London both unique and captivating. Her designs are perfect for lovers of London and of fine tableware!

Bargello Tower Bridge Mug and Plate Set by Snowden Flood

Bargello Tower Bridge Mug and Plate Set by Snowden Flood

In addition to her existing collections, Snowden also undertakes commissions, having worked with the Tate Modern, British Museum, Chatsworth House and the London Transport Museum. She adores working with people who are skilled and passionate in what they do to come up with new products. For example, she recently worked with Rare Tea Co developing tea mixes and with a soap maker to blend her own soaps.  Everything Snowden does and designs is inspired by the many places she has been and unique experiences she has witnessed, and with this under her belt she will continue to develop new relationships and products for years to come.

Click here to see her full collection

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