Kukka shows ‘Spectra installation’ during Milan Design Week 2016



Milan Design Week 2016, Kukka, ABCD and O Table at Frame exhibition

Milan Design Week 2016, Kukka, ABCD and O Table at Frame exhibition

In collaboration with Frame Magazine, Caesarstone and Prinz Optics GmbHAs part of What’s the Matter? Design for a Phygital World’.

La Posteria
Via G. Sacchi 5/7
12-17 April 2016
Tues 11:00 – 19:00, Wed to Sat 11:00 – 21:00, and Sun 11:00 – 20:00

“A spectrum (plural spectra or spectrums) is a condition that is not limited to a specific set of values but can vary infinitely within a continuum”.

Kukka is inspired by reflection and refraction, absorbent and repellent. The studio’s continuous interest to create a timeless dialogue from past to future through presently active living, has been expressed in its current work, ‘Spectra’, using Dichroic finished glass as a dominant material.

The environment we live in is affected by a spectrum of different conditions. Kukka chose to use Dichroic glass to help express the significant conditions affected by light and time, reflection and refraction. Similar to the social behavior expressed through social media channels and the internet: absorbing and repelling, yet the glass, a modern material used since the Roman empire, has its own structural, solid properties. The quartz is an abundant mineral in earth. The slabs are solid, reflecting physical, stable and timeless design.

“I am particularly interested to create timeless design by using simple geometry and basic materials . The dialogue between the two is expressed in Spectra”
– Rona Meyuchas-Koblenz, Founder of Kukka Studio

Milan Design Week 2016, Kukka, ABCD and O Table at Frame exhibition

Milan Design Week 2016, Kukka, ABCD and O Table at Frame exhibition

Dialogue between the materials
Kukka has partnered with two companies who are both pioneers in their field in manufacturing. The Quartz slabs are made by Caesarstone in Caesarea, Israel, and they are made of reclaimed materials: 94% quartz. The Dichroic glass, made by Prinz Optics in Germany, is transparent, reflecting and refracting; the slab is solid, absorbent and repellent.

As part of Frame’s “What’s the Matter? Design for a Phygital World” exhibition in Milan, Kukka will be showcasing two complete pieces that are part of the ‘Spectra’ project: ABCD table and O table. These are occasional, side tables composed of two pieces and made from two different materials. Through the ‘Spectra’ concept, Kukka wanted to create a constant dialogue between the two materials and demonstrate how the environment can influence the design object.

About the Event
This year, Frame magazine will make its first appearance as a participant of Milan Design Week by curating the experimental exhibiton “What’s the Matter? Design for a Phygital World”.

Frame envisions a material future in which the physical and digital realms are in constant conversations, so inherently intertwined that it’s difficult to distinguish one from the other. With the lines between digital matter and physical design blurring, how can objects suggest the aesthetic of a phygital future.

Milan based Studio Ferruccio Laviani will conceive the scenography of the Frame exhibition.

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