20th Edition of 100% Design, 25 years of Hidden Art

First catalogue 100% Design 1995

First catalogue 100% Design 1995

The 17 September 2014  100% Design opens its doors for the 20th time to those keen to see the latest designs from both established as well as emerging brands.

Hidden Art has exhibited at 100% Design one way or another since 1995, when the show opened its doors for the first time in the Duke of York Barracks. Fourteen shows in total, with the last one being in 2011.  That year was the last show of Hidden Art before we lost our European and LDA funding due to funding cuts. Over the years a total of 170 designers exhibited with Hidden Art at 100% Design. You can see the full list here as well as a shorter list of the designers  here. 

In our 25th anniversary year therefore we were very pleased to be back again at 100% Design with a visual display of Hidden Art’s participation over 20 years of 100% Design.

London Design Festival 2014 - 100% Design, Stories Lounge

London Design Festival 2014 – 100% Design, Stories Lounge

They were posted on the Stories Wall in the Stories Lounge where others could also post their own memories of 100% Design. The posters were designed by Donica Leung

Hidden Art at 100% Design, 1995 & 1997

Hidden Art at 100% Design, 1995 & 1997. Design: Donica Leung

1995, 1997

100% Design was eagerly awaited in 1995,and Blueprint wrote a nice article which included a reference to Hidden Art .. from Switserland to Hackney, We launched the Hackney Furniture Directory and in those days design in Hackney was still very Hidden.

Hidden Art was very much supported by the Geffrye Museum and specifically its director David Dewing.
Further information 1995
Further information 1997

Hidden Art at 100% Design, 1998, 1999 & 2001

Hidden Art at 100% Design, 1998, 1999 & 2001. Design: Donica Leung. 


In 1998 we had a bigger stand and 16 designers exhibited with us. We also unveiled the Hidden Art logo designed by Et Al which is still going strong. The stand design was by Bulldozer Furniture and built by Oblique.
Further information 1998


In 1999 the stand was designed by Penguin Dream Studio and 5 designers exhibited with us. We also provided information on the stand about the East London Design Directory which was to be launched later that year.
Further information 1999

Space Magazine of the Guardian remarked that London Does Design. Back again and bigger and better than ever.


In 2001 we had a small presence with a stand built by Foundation 33 and a presentation about design in East London. We also launched our new website.
Further information 2001


Hidden Art at 100% Design, 2002, 2003 & 2004

Hidden Art at 100% Design, 2002, 2003 & 2004. Design: Donica Leung


In 2002 we enabled 7 designers to exhibit with Hidden Art, providing them also with bursaries thanks to funding from ERDF, ESF and the Phoenix Fund (Small Business Service).

This was also the year of 100% Guaranteed which saw a small exhibition of Hidden Art designers at the Shoreditch Stables where we just moved. It also inaugurated the adaptable display system that we commissioned from  Foundation 33. Designersblock had their show next door.
Further information 2002


In 2003 we launched our Design and Manufacture Bureau at 100% Design with new work from 11 East London Designers. Frank designed the stand.

The front cover of the Sunday Review of the Independent on Sunday featured Julian Mayor’s chair.
Further information 2003


Frank again designed our stand and we exhibited work from 10 East London designers. We received substantial national and international press coverage. This was also the year that we worked with Heal’s on their Heal’s Discovers range.
Further information 2004


Hidden Art at 100% Design, 2005 & 2006

Hidden Art at 100% Design, 2005 & 2006. Design: Donica Leung


This was the year that a total of 19 designers exhibited with Hidden Art, including two from Hidden Art Cornwall. Magnus Long was shortlisted for a Blueprint 100% Design Award and it came as a total surprise when Hidden Art received the 100% Design Blueprint Best Contribution Award 2005.

The stand was designed by Mark Younger and the publicity material was all done in-house for the first time.
Further information 2005



This was the year that Hidden Art celebrated 100 designer-makers over a decade at 100% Design with the one100ten stand.  It featured 10 designers from Hidden Art’s past alongside 10 new designers.
Further information 2006

Hidden Art at 100% Design, 2007 & 2008

Hidden Art at 100% Design, 2007 & 2008. Design: Donica Leung



Designers from Hidden Art Cornwall exhibited together with designers from Hidden Art.  Products from Hidden Art Select, our own product development programme were also launched. This included the Jeeves and Wooster lights from Jake Phipps.
Further information 2007


We exhibited work from 13 designer-makers, including products from Hidden Art Select 2008.  The focus this year was on sustainable design, new technologies as well as traditional making skills.
Further information 2008


Hidden Art at 100% Design, 2010 & 2011

Hidden Art at 100% Design, 2010 & 2011. Design: Donica Leung


This year we had two stands. One with work from 5 designers launching new seating whilst the other created the first ever retail opportunity at 100% Design, allowing visitors to buy amazing design products at the show.
Further information 2010


Inspiring the Future. Eight new products were launched from 5 designers as well as offering the public the opportunity to buy from the Hidden Art Design Store.
Further information 2011


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