Lightcase – The Ultimate Pop-Up Photo Studio

Review of Dominic Crinson’s Lightcase

by Kostas Koutoupis

We were very pleased to receive Dominic Crinson’s Lightcase at our office the other day. Lightcase is a portable, pop-up photo studio that helps you take professional photos of small things. In a recent Kickstarter campaign, Dominic Crinson and Brenna Jensen managed to raise almost three times the initial budget needed to develop it and now Lightcase is available to the wider public. It’s easy to see why the Kickstarter campaign was so successful. It only takes a few minutes to set up and the results you get just by using your smartphone are really impressive!

It comes carefully packaged in a flat carton box that could probably slip under your door. Assembly instructions and photography tips are printed on the back but are also included separately inside.

Dominic Crinson, Lightcase, packaging, front

Dominic Crinson, Lightcase Packaging, Front

Dominic Crinson, Lightcase packaging

Dominic Crinson, Lightcase  Packaging,Back

When you take it out of the box you get the Lightcase folded up like an envelope plus three background slides (in white, black and transparent) that will accommodate for taking pictures of different products. The background slides are held firmly in position by flaps found at the bottom and rear sides of the Lightcase and it’s really easy to switch from one to another.

Dominic Crinson, Lightcase, Contents

Dominic Crinson, Lightcase, Contents

A couple of minutes of folding is all you need to set it up. We managed to do so by following the detailed instructions enclosed.

Dominic Crinson Lightcase, setup

Dominic Crinson Lightcase, Assembled

So all that was left now was to have fun shooting our favourite Hidden Art Select kids mugs against a white and a transparent background, using just a smartphone camera.

Hidden Art Select kids mug

Hidden Art Select kids Mug

Hidden Art Select kids mug

Hidden Art Select kids Mug

The black background worked perfectly with the G ‘n’ Tea Mug by Product of Your Environment.

G 'n' Tea mug by Product of Your Environment

G ‘n’ Tea mug by Product of  Your Environment

Through a small access window at the top, Lightcase also gives you the ability to shoot your products from above. You can use your smartphone’s zoom and filter functions for better results.

Dominic Crinson, Lightcase, top window demonstration

Dominic Crinson, Lightcase, Top Window Demonstration

Dominic Crinson, Lightcase, Top Windon Demonstration

Dominic Crinson, Lightcase, Top Window Demonstration

Anything small such as jewellery, ceramics, small accessories, hand-made toys or even a miniature army of frogs will work perfectly with the Lightcase.

Hidden Art Frogs

Hidden Art Frogs Shot from Above

Judging by our own experience, the Lightcase is an indispensable tool for any designer that wants to make their products look the best they can without the cost of hiring a professional photographer. For more information and to make one yours, see Dominic’s Lightcase