New Designers 2014


Overview of New Designers 2014 – Part 1

Highlights from Part 1 of New Designers 2014 Exhibition

by Kostas Koutoupis

Entered 11 July 2014

Always eager to discover new talent and see where the design world is headed we visited the New Designers 2014 exhibition at the Business Design Centre. The glorious sun peeking through the Business Design Centre’s arch-shaped windows made the show even more spectacular for the large number of visitors enjoying original ideas, new talent and free drinks that disappeared in the blink of an eye.

New Designers 2014, Panoramic View

New Designers 2014

The main area of the show was dominated by textiles, prints, fashion and home accessories. Bold colours, impressive patterns and brave attempts at re-imagining everyday items put this section in the spotlight. No colour was spared in the designers’ attempt to create stunning pieces. Fabrics bursting with colours paired together in harmony or juxtaposed in style was something we couldn’t help but notice and take pictures of.


New Designers 2014, UWE Fashion

We also liked some attempts of thinking outside the box:  take for example these beautiful towels where different patterns clash in a few inches of fabric.


New Designers 2014, Glasgow School of Art

If, however, you’re a fan of a more subtle approach to design, we believe you’d find something in the home accessories section closer to your heart like these patterns of soft turquoise, pink and grey that decorated cushions, light-shades and drapes.


New Designers 2014

One Year On

The One Year On section featured some interesting ideas in decorative suggestions, jewellery and ceramic accessories. Laura Mathews’ designs stood out from the crowd with visitors queuing to point their smart phones at them. Her wooden animals and DIY mentality brought the child out in every one of us and if we could, we would ask from mum to buy us this beautiful Flying Pony that looks like it came out of a fairy tale.

New Designers 2014, Laura Mathews, Pegasus

New Designers 2014, One Year On, Laura Mathews, Flying Pony

For the grown-ups among us the jewellery section had some very interesting suggestions. Jewellery you can shape to will? Check! Courtesy of Mireia Rossell an impressive collection of rings, pendants and bracelets were given multiple shapes in the experienced hands of their designer. Definitely the most flexible jewellery we’ve seen in a long time.

New_Designers_2014 Mireia Rossel Jewellery

New Designers 2014, One Year On, Mireia Rossell

Talking about glittering designs, we couldn’t possibly omit Sophie Elizabeth’s ‘Crowning Glory’, a striking tiara that had passers-by pausing, staring and…wishing they had one of their own.

New Designers 2014, Crowning Glory by Sophie Elizabeth

New Designers 2014, One Year On, Crowning Glory by Sophie Elizabeth

Fine Art Quilt Masters

If you were curious enough and didn’t mind going up a few steps you would definitely be rewarded. The Fine Art Quilt Masters section featured some of this year’s prize finalists. We really enjoyed the work of Bonnie Smith, Karren Farmer and Lauren Shanley.

New Designers 2014, Bonnie Smith

New Designers 2014, Fine Art Quilt Masters, Colour x 3 Orange by Bonnie Smith

New Designers 2014, Karren Farmer

New Designers 2014, Fine Art Quilt Masters ,The View from Here by Karren Farmer

New Designers 2014, Lauren Shanley

New Designers 2014, Fine Art Quilt Masters, Listen Sister by Lauren Shanley

Overall New Designers 2014 was full of promising talent and astonishing design. We left feeling optimistic for the world of design. And there is still Part 2 to come next week.