One of London’s Hidden Treasures – Rimski’s Bicycle Piano

by Dieneke Ferguson

I am always surprised to find Hidden Treasures in London when you least expect it. Last Saturday 31 March 2012 when walking on Walthamstow Market I saw a piano going passed. It looked like a Dutch draaiorgel (barrel organ)  but after closer inspection I saw it was a piano on wheels with a pianist playing .  As the piano was moving I was looking for where the other person/people were who were pushing the piano. But I couldn’t see anyone.

In closer inspection I noticed that the pianist himself was moving the pedals.  There were no handlebars, so I still didn’t understand how he managed to turn right or left.

Like me, others were following him as well, trying to take a picture.

I also took a short 7 second video which is here

My video

I couldn’t resist searching for more information on Youtube. And not surprisingly I found videos from several events he played at. This one is from a Cycle event on the Mall. In this video he also explains how he can turn left or right without using his hands

He has a great voice as you can hear in this video

and here is his Facebook page.

There is one comment

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