Work Experience – Lamine

 Week 1


First Day

Monday, 17 March 2014

Today was great and really interesting as I learned a lot of thing in only one day. This morning we had a discussion on health and safety and what is the company all about. Dieneke showed us around and then we started working. Our first task was to research about the company and answered some question to make sure that we understand what the companies’ aims are. We had lunch and after that we did some market research.


Second Day

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Today was another wonderful day at hidden art as we did some market research and then we had lunch. I and Humza (my colleague) went to Morrison and brought a pizza and then we cooked it in the oven with Dieneke. After lunch we went and compared four magazines costumers profile, and finished off with that.


Third Day

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Today was fun because both of my computer and Humza was broken so we had to put both of them in to peace’s and fix it knowing that we had a task to do but we didn’t do it because are computer’s wasn’t working and because I had to seat there and watch Humza do it I was pretty bored. At lunch I had fun as I cooked a meal at home and bring it in for lunch and I shared it with Humza and he really liked it.


Fourth Day

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Today was really fun and we had a lot of work done. At the beginning I had to finish off the task I had to do yesterday but I couldn’t because my computer was broken. After I finished it I had to write a summary of what I did yesterday because I didn’t have time to write it because of the incident with my computer. After that I had my lunch. We had pizza and egg’s that Humza brought from home. Then after lunch Dieneke asked us to resize the picture we took when we were outside to the shape of a square. Today I had to leave at 15: 50 (3: 50) because I had to go to a doctor appointment.


Fifth Day

Friday, 21 March 2014

Today was very interesting as we had a meeting about what we had done on Thursday and what we are going to do throughout the day. After that we went off to make more research about the navigation bar, the meaning of the word, the uses and the different type of navigation bar, as it took some time collecting data’s and information about it. After that we went to lunch and brought another pizza, as I brought from a home some food and shared it with Humza. After lunch Humza explained to Dieneke and Costas how to use instagram and Google +. After that I created a blog on word press and created a blog including a theme and posted some edit.


Week 2

Photo 25-03-2014 11 38 20 (1)

sixth day

Monday, 24 March 2014

This morning Dieneke wasn’t here until 12:15 because she had a doctor appointment, but she gave us some task about to do before to leave which was to make my blog look pretty by adding widgets. After that we had lunch. My colleague Humza went and brought lamb and chicken doner from a kebab shop. After lunch I went away and started preparing for the arrival of the visit from my teachers and I started finishing off my website and updated the post, and we also had to write.

Photo 25-03-2014 10 24 06

Seventh Day

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Today was fun because are teachers from school (Mrs ray-choudrie) came and visited us at our work placement and asked us some question. After that Humza went and started repairing the computers because they were too slow. While he was doing it I decided not to do anything because he wasn’t doing any work he was just there fixing computer so I didn’t do anything. After we had lunch. I cooked from home and bringed it, so that I and Humza shared after that Humza had to leave early because he had a drumming repetition at 5.

Photo 27-03-2014 17 06 26

Eighth day

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Today was a short day we had to leave at 2: 30 because Dieneke and Kostas had a meeting and we would have had to be silent because it would be busy and we will have to keep quit which wouldn’t be fair on us. So we left early.

Photo 27-03-2014 11 45 38

Ninth Day

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Today was all right as I started off by trying out different template for my blog, after that Dieneke told me to write an article about my hobbies. Then she asked me to add some hyperlink’s to it so it will be better. After that we had lunch and I and Humza who was fixing the computers had lunch and he cooked from home. After that Humza carried fixing the computer while Dieneke was teaching us how to use hootsuit.

Photo 28-03-2014 14 02 18

Last Day

Friday, 28 March 2014

Today is are last day and it was really fun because at the beginning Humza had to finish off the repairing of the computer’s and during that time I had to install the driver into the computer from the official website and download all the software that I’m missing to be able to work. After that we all had lunch together on the table. After lunch my task was to finish off my note’s for week 2. Me and Humza are really going to miss hidden art a great and cultural work environment we learned a lot about are self and how a work placement functioned without forgetting that I found out how much I like drinking tea and I learned a lot off useful over tool for school that only I know.



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