Work Experience – Humza

 First Working Day 17/03/14

Wonderful working environment in an area that screams promise and culture, the first day was great got to do some research and get our hands dirty with some work. Dieneke is a kind person who instantly made us feel welcome, and made us feel in place.  Earlier in the morning we had a briefing on health and safety, and what to do when we get in abnormal situations. Choices for lunch are excellent as the area is well populated; there are many places you can go to grab a bite.




Second Working Day 18/03/14

We had pizza.

We had pizza.

The second day was fun as we got to work with Photoshop and resize some basic images, this was a great way to re-cap over the way Photoshop works and how basic things work over the client – A very fun day. Lunch was eventful; we went to a nearby Morrisons store to pick up a pizza. The pizza was delicious and made a great lunch-time.






Third Working Day 19/03/14

The third day of the week, before I could even get into the office, I had realized that I damaged my computer by swinging it into an object. This was unfortunate, as I had to work on fixing it for an hour, leaving me with little time to do the work. Though; in a matter of time, I was up and running, and began to work on completing the Trends research task. Lunch was also fun as my colleague, Lamine, had brought a home, cooked meal. I had bought Lasagne, which I enjoyed in this environment.





Fourth Working Day 20/03/14

Hehe. I resized.

Hehe. I resized.

The fourth day was great; we had a meeting about general improvements and went straight off to work. Work was great; I had all my things done in a matter of two or so hours. The atmosphere was calm and peaceful. Before lunch, we did a lot of work resizing images and changing the aspect ratio. This is good because we now know how to resize images for the Hidden Art E-shop. Lunch was good; we walked down the road to the local Morrisons store and picked up some food, I had bought another pizza for us to share, it was great. We had some left over chips from the day before’s lunch. After lunch, we worked on getting our blog posts ready, Lamine left early for an appointment, which left me by myself. Me and Dieneke had a talk about things we could do later on in our placement; things I am excited to do.

Fifth Working Day 21/03/14

The fifth day was eventful; we had a bright meeting at the beginning about what we are going to do, we then went off to some research about what navigation bars are and how they are important – At least, I think so. As this took some time (collecting data and screening bars from different websites across the internet) we headed off to lunch, we went over to Morrisons to buy another pizza; Lamine had prepared some food from home, it was delicious. After lunch, I gave Dieneke and Kostas a brief presentation on how to use Instagram, as well as Google+ and precautions that should be taken. After I did this, I went off to the Word Press website, to get some training for the blog, I grabbed a theme and posted some edits, then followed by the blog posts you see here. After ensuring I made no mistakes, I then classed myself “ready for WordPress posting’’.

Sixth Working Day                                                                 

I came in on Monday; Dieneke was at the hospital for her checkup. And Lamine was at his computer, doing whatever. We were given tasks to do while she was gone, tasks such as making our websites better and adding widgets. Choosing whether the pages were going to be static or actively showing our latest posts. By then it was lunch time, as I walked out, Dieneke was making her way upstairs. We bought a fish pie and some Turkish food. We loved it. After lunch, we carried on making our websites look better

Seventh Working Day                                                                

Working on  Kostas'machine!

Working on Kostas’machine!

Tuesday, marked the day of a major job for me. I had to work on making two computers work, repairing them and increasing their performance. Kostas’ machine was constantly crashing and needed attention, as he was losing his work and it was beginning to be an issue. I had bought some parts in from home which I didn’t need anymore, making these the perfect parts for the job. Kostas’ machine had a RAM issue and was beginning to bog down. After extensively repairing his computer switching motherboards and so on, I then moved onto Emanuel’s machine, this one was a classic; extremely slow, caused mass frustration. I topped up his computer with more memory and also defragmented his machine. We now call his machine the “Ferrari’’ of the office! I then ran extensive tests on Kostas’ machine to ensure he doesn’t have any issues.

Eighth Working Day                                   

Beginning work on Lamine's laptop. I mean, netbook.

Beginning work on Lamine’s laptop. I mean, netbook.



The eighth day was quite eventful; Lamine had come in with a spare laptop, strikingly similar to his one with the broken screen. He requested that I take the screen out of the spare one and put it into his main laptop. This for me would be an easy job, though, still a first. After installing it and putting it back together, I powered it on for the first time. Success! It was up and running, with a new screen. His face was beaming, and he thanked me.  Just before lunch, I gave Dieneke some advice on how to maintain and make the IT solutions in the business much better, by saying that an update to Windows 7 would be great for the (now upgraded) computers. And how updating the server to Windows Server 2008 RC would give them a three month window to move all of their files to G-mail, or find another cloud storage solution. I recommended that replacing the massive energy consuming server for a smaller, quieter Cloud NAS would be much better. We then went out to a local computer parts shop to get a graphics card for Emanuel’s computer. Due to the course of the day, we left the work place early.

Ninth Working Day

sorry about my face -_-  Working on Dieneke's new machine.

sorry about my face -_-
Working on Dieneke’s new machine.

Today’s work was almost unexpected for me, we had a look at Dieneke’s main work-horse computer, looking at why it was so slow and much more, though considering the size, and the “Bulkiness’’ of the computer, and how slow it was, I considered that we pull out a spare office computer and work on getting that running, with all the necessary bells and whistles.  I worked on cloning the computer from Kostas’ machine.  And everything was up and running.






Last Working Day          

All of us, having a great last-lunch together.

All of us, having a great last-lunch together.

The last lunch.

The last lunch.

When I arrived, I had noticed that Dieneke’s computer was not logging on, anyone with a business server knows, that two duplicate client names do not play well, this was extremely difficult to get working, because of the server being very complicated to deal with. After getting in touch with BT, one person (who didn’t know much about servers) advised that re-clone the computer, but keeping the source computer disconnected after the clone to prevent confusion and errors with the server. While this was cloning, everyone at Hidden Art (Dieneke, Kostas, Manuel, Lamine and me) had a big lunch together, we had a roast chicken, chips and a sponge cake for all of us, this was a great moment at Hidden Art. Meanwhile, the cloning still didn’t work, my job was to rename the computer on the network so that it wouldn’t conflict but it just wasn’t happening. I didn’t have any of the required credentials on the local systems for me to make changes to the name. We called BT again, this time requesting a person who knows how to deal with servers.  This was useful, we granted the guys to have full access to the computer, so they could control it and make everything work. After this worked, Dieneke’s computer was put back onto the system, and was up and running in no time.

More computer work. (Lamine has no idea what he's doing, hahaha!)

More computer work. (Lamine has no idea what he’s doing, hahaha!)

Hidden Art was wonderful. The placement was full of experiences, learning how to deal with frustration, (the computing for me, likewise for almost every person who manages I.T!) and general pains (in this case, my only pain being my coworker, Lamine). The office environment is great, unlike most offices; the kitchen has many facilities, like an oven, a grill, a microwave and a fridge. Thousands of things to do; a wholly great experience after all.


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