London Design Festival 2014

London Design Festival 2013, Installation Omar Abel at the V &  A

London Design Festival 2013, Installation Omar Abel at the V & A

Entered 4 February 2014

13 – 21 September 2014

Deadline for submission is 13 June 2014.

The London Design Festival has earned the reputation as one of the most exciting design events in the world.Staged every year in September, the Festival aims to celebrate and promote a broad spectrum of design disciplines across cultural and commercial platforms in London. The Festival provides the punctuation moment in the calendar when the design community comes alive, attracting local and  international audiences to over 300 events and installations across the capital.
Local and international designers, retailers, design brands, museums,institutions, charities etc  independently stage the vast majority of these 300 events and installations, each of varying scale and ambition. The London Design Festival supports the organisers ofthese events, known as Partners, and collectively promotes theiractivity via a number of marketing platforms.
The London Design Festival has a proven track record, having delivered a rich and varied programme of design activities since its formation in 2003. Having expanded significantly over 11 years witha growing number and diversity of Partners, the collective impact of all of our participating Partners significantly contributes to London’s reputation as “the design capital of the world”, as stated by the New York Times in 2012.
Hidden Art’s review of last year’s London Design Festival.

Interested in taking part in this year’s London Design Festival? Want to know more? Partner briefing takes place Tuesday 4 March 2014.


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