Two opportunities to review your Social Media or Business Strategy

Updated 21 November 2013

1-2-1 Sessions at Hidden Art, November 2013

1-2-1 Sessions at Hidden Art, November 2013


Free 1-2-1 Advice Sessions

Wednesday 20 November 2013

8-10 Stamford Hill, N16 6XZ

Of those that applied 3 designers we selected who had a 1-2-1 session with both Mark Norden and Renee Wallen.

These were the first 1-2-1 sessions to take place at our new office and they took place simultaneously.

All three designers were very pleased with the advise they had received and went home with a list of things they wanted to do next.

Below you will find information on what each specialist offered and the feedback we received from the participants.

Mark Norden

Are you running a creative business but not making the money you deserve?

This one-to-one session will give you specific advice on moving your business to the next level.  Business advisor Mark Norden understands that designers have the passion and talent to develop fantastic products but, often, neither the time nor skills to focus on taking the business to a more profitable level.

The session with Mark is not general or prescriptive.  His advice will be tailored to YOUR own business, to ensure that, wherever you are currently on the success scale, he can help you achieve commercial acumen and greater profits.  He will offer proven techniques for strategic business planning, ensuring your goals are realistic and showing you ways to achieve them.

You will also benefit from a year of half price accountancy services, including advice on payroll, VAT and tax saving strategies.

1-2-1 Session at Hidden Art. Mark Norden (left) with Mark Finzel (right), Nov 2013

1-2-1 SessionBusiness Strategy at Hidden Art. Mark Norden (left) with Mark Finzel (right), Nov 2013

Objectives achieved of participants included:

  • Get some advice on business structuring, planning and making changes to grow. I had reinformed things that were in my mind. His ideas were challenging but creative
  • To understand what I can do to turn my business into a financial success.
  • How much to charge and how to work out costs – to charge what I am worth.
  • To appeal to a higher end market
  • To formulate a more coherent business plan

Next steps to be taken included

  • Focus on one strand of the business, step back and delegate
  • Find the best location and market to promote work
  • Follow up customer introductions

Renée Wallen

Do you want to improve how to help you grow your business through social Media?

Social media is a powerful marketing tool that can help you to grow your business, reinforce your brand and increase your presence on the internet.

This interactive one-to-one session with Renée Wallen of London-based consultancy Imaginative Training, offers practical guidance on making the most of social media.   As an integral part of your marketing strategy, it includes effective techniques for engaging your audience, improving your on-line profiles and managing it all in a time-efficient way.

  • Raise your business profile across the Internet, increase your client base and understand how to use social media in a way that’s effective and time-efficient
  • Learn how a consistent marketing approach to social media contributes to raising your business in Google’s rankings
  • Receive a free social media strategy document and comprehensive notes on using the four most popular social media channels
1-2-1 Sessions at Hidden Art, Social Media. Renee Wallen (left) with Fiona Gall (right)

1-2-1 Sessions at Hidden Art, Social Media. Renee Wallen (left) with Fiona Gall (right)

Objectives achieved of participants included:

  • How to best make use of my time on social media and start a marketing plan. I got an understanding of time involved and how to target potential customers. Learning about Hootsuite
  • Get an understanding of different social medial platforms and ways of doing it effectively
  • How to increase my presence on social media and learning the importance of  writing a regular blog.

Next steps to be taken included

  • Writing up who I would like to target, setting up Pinterest and Linkedin
  • Timeframe plan for activity and get a smart phone
  • Start blogging and join Twitter


 About Mark

Mark is the CEO of Nordens, an award-winning chartered accountancy and strategic business advice firm in London.  His experience of running businesses, including various music and inventive companies, places him in the unique position of thoroughly understanding the issues facing designers.  He lectures and mentors fashion designers at the London College of Fashion and is the treasurer for Graduate Fashion Week.

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About Renée

Renée Wallen is the owner of Imaginative Training and Development.  She specializes in training small businesses to create an effective on-line presence and market themselves using social media.  Her Plain English Business Writing training won her a London award and she has published a successful e-book.

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