Dominic Crinson – Artbook about Tiles

29 October 2013

Tiles, Dominic Crinson

Proposed Artbook on Tiles by Dominic Crinson

Dominic Crinson has participated in many Hidden Art exhibitions and Open Studios since 1999. including in  In Milan 2003

He is now planning to publish a hardback art book about tiles. Featuring over 1000 designs from Dominic Crinson’s spectacular archive spanning 20 years of creativity

Dominic is looking for  support to assist the production of this book of his world-famous tile designs.

He says

“I really want to create a work of art with this book, one that celebrates tiles, pattern and colour. It will reveal my huge archive of tile designs spanning twenty years and I hope it will inspire surface designers, pattern makers and home decorators – it will be a feast of colour and pattern. “

If you support him then you will receive a signed hot copy of this beautifully produced art book when it comes out next year, plus other benefits .

For further details see Artbook of Ceramic Tiles

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