Two New Products launched by Designk

17 October 2013

DesignK just launched two great new products:  ‘Henry’ the Egg Cup and  ‘Straw’ Salt and Pepper Shaker.

‘Henry’ the Egg Cup

Inspired by King Henry VIII of England, ‘Henry’ the Egg cup adds a humorous twist to history and the breakfast routine. Designed to serve only an egg but not a head, this beautiful egg cup is handcrafted with care to crown the breakfast table with majestic luxury. Further details

Henry the Egg Cup by DesignK

Henry the Egg Cup by DesignK

 ‘Straw’ Salt and Pepper Shaker

The ‘Straw’ is the new way to add flavour to the food. Inspired by traditional drinking straws, the ‘Straw’s’ sleek appearance will make it stand out on the dinner table. Its unique, slim design makes it a cute and easy-to-store accessory that can be sorted alongside cutlery or tucked into a glass or cup for convenience.

'Straw' Salt and Pepper Shaker by DesignK

‘Straw’ Salt and Pepper Shaker by DesignK

His new products were designed already in my mind but he was looking for companies to make the prototypes.   He actually wanted to make his prototype using 3d printers, which are very popular at the moment.

3d Printing

 Thankfully he was given a 1-2-1 session about the 3d printing at Hidden Art (see here).

 “When I arrived at the session, I found lots of different 3d printers displayed already with samples.  I was introduced to the different types of 3d printers and software.  But I was able to use a 3d sofware so I could discuss the outcomes and advised how to supply 3d files.  One thing I was worried about was the copyright, however I was advised that the 3d printing company and Hiddenart had already an agreement that the files I supply will not be used anywhere else.  Then I received the models and they were great and finally I was convinced that it was ok to go ahead with the production.”

Byung from Design k with Martin and Trupti from it is 3d at Hidden Art

Byung from Design k with Martin and Trupti from it is 3d at Hidden Art

 Byung’s tip is that if you cannot use the software then consult with a 3d printing company. They will help and there are lots of different software packages to use easily.

 Martin Stevens and Trupti Patel of it is 3D commented:

Martin and Trupti of it is 3D had a wonderful day earlier in the year at Hidden Art. During a day long surgery session with talented creative designers, they spent the best part of an hour with Byung, who discussed with them his plans for producing some delightful and innovative kitchen products. Along with general discussions about his plans and the relevance of 3D printing, they agreed to print 3D models of his design. Part of his product development process, these 3D prints helped Byung bring his products to market. The team at it is 3D is delighted to have played a small part in helping Byung finalise his designs.”

Further details on it is 3D and the 1-2-1 session

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