The New Hidden Art E-Shop has come out of Hiding

9th August 2013

Hidden Art has its own e-shop once again after being based at since March 2012.  What you will find in our new e-shop are the classic designs of the future from designers such as Thelermont Hupton, Product of Your Environment, J-Me and Aarevalo. Over the next months we will be featuring new products from your well loved designers as well as fresh suggestions from our new collaborations. A selection of our products will still be available at

So watch this space  and keep up with the latest additions and Hidden Art news on Facebook and Twitter.

First launched in 2005, the Hidden Art Shop  is a not-for-profit online marketplace that promotes and sells the work of UK designers and makers. Over the years we have managed to reach customers worldwide and have sold to far away places including Japan, Australia, Russia and Canada.

G'n' Tea teaset by Product of Your Environment

G’n’ Tea teaset by Product of Your Environment

The E-Shop was built in about 7 weeks and would not have been possible without the Hidden Art team Kostas Koutoupis our Online Marketing Assistant and Shopify techie and Donica Leung, Graphic Designer of the new e-shop. Despite it being holiday time, we are grateful for the quick replies of our designers and makers who provided us with the information needed in such a short timescale. Also thank you to Culturelabel who have hosted our E-Shop since March 2012

For press release see here and images here


The aim of Hidden Art is to promote and support designers and makers mostly in the UK and Ireland to place their products both nationally and internationally through the Hidden Art E-Shop , Social Marketing Campaigns, as well as the Hidden Art website We provide information and support sessions to help them transform their passion into products.

Hidden Art has also run Hidden Art Select, an initiative which aims to successfully market a range of retail and wholesale products on the Hidden Art E-Shop and other outlets. Started in 2007 Hidden Art Select has launched 22 products to date.

Hidden Art Select kids is a project which matches a designer with a local school in East London which results in the production of products with the designs created by young people.

Hidden Art is the trading name of Mazorca Projects Ltd and is a company Ltd by guarantee.


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