REthinkthings – from Bauhaus Birdfeeder to Kaspa Ghost Light and Bubble Wall Shelf

Updated 5 April 2013

Demonstrating ambition and meaningful creativity in design

Designer Ilsa Parry

Designer Ilsa Parry

REthinkthings LTD was founded in 2009 by Ilsa Parry due to a long held belief that there are too many products on the market that lack emotion and personality and that an opportunity existed to

develop and offer alternative tools for living. Ilsa’s designs are featured in many British shops as well as being sold internationally.

Bauhaus Birdfeeder

The Bauhaus Birdfeeder is a hanging feeding station. It is an elegant, yet functional garden accessory which can be hung on trees, or anywhere around the garden – providing shelter for flying visitors, especially in winter! It is available in two sizes and four colours, and in 2011 was shortlisted by WGSN forecasters for gift of the year.

Ilsa Parry with her Bauhaus Birdfeeders

Ilsa Parry with her Bauhaus Birdfeeders

Scumbags and Handybags
Ilsa’s recent designs, the Scumbags and Handybags are designed as tongue in cheek gifts for everyday use. Made fom 100% Jute plant fibres, these bags are waterproof inside, ethically produced and easily renewable. They are manufactured in Cornwall, UK. They are ideal for those extra items that don’t quite fit in your handbag. At a size of 28cm width, 25cm tall, and 13cm deep they easily fit A4 files and even your laptop! You could use them for lunch, gym, work items, or shopping.

Ilsa Parry with her Scumbags and Handybags

Ilsa Parry with her Scumbags and Handybags

Kaspa Ghost Light
REthinkthings also produces lighting- the Kaspa is a friendly and energy efficient nightlight. It continues giving out light for around two hours after it has been switched off – giving out either a green or blue light. This provides an ambient light in a dark room without electricity. It is available in both hanging and freestanding styles, depending on the style you’re after.

Kaspa Ghost Light - Hanging with Pendant Ceiling fitting be Rethinnkthings

Kaspa Ghost Light – Hanging with Pendant Ceiling fitting be Rethinnkthings

Bubble Wall Shelf
The Bubble Wall Shelves are a fun way to store everyday items. The design is an adaptation of Tom Sutton’s wall cells. These shelves come in sets of five, with one ring of each colour, and would be great if you want to make your storage for interesting.

Ilsa Parry next to her Bubble Wall Shelf

Ilsa Parry next to her Bubble Wall Shelf

Flo Walking Aid
In 2009, Ilsa took part in the BBC show “Design for Life”. It was here that Flo was created. The Flo standing and walking aid is a revolutionary innovation created as an alternative living tool for independent mobility. It is multifunctional and strong, yet lightweight.
It works by wrapping around the lower leg, locking it in position and acts as a lever so that the user can use their own body strength for a dignified and unassisted way to get from seated to standing.
It was designed during a BBC documentary by Ilsa Parry with Phillippe Stark.  It has been dubbed as the Salvador Dali stick, and can also be used as a walking cane. It can support users up to 25 Stone, yet weighs only 300g.  It comes in a variety of colours, black, silver, gold, blue, orange and pink – to suit every personality.

Ilsa Parry with her Flo Walking Aid

Ilsa Parry with her Flo Walking Aid

Click here to view her Hidden Art E-Shop

“I always hoped that designers would remember that older and disabled people needed products that would express how they feel… Thank you for having the courage to think differently about an often neglected market” REthinkthings customer

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