Dragana Perisic – Button Bow Scarves

4th December 2012

An  imaginative mix of the landscape of her native Yugoslavia and the sophistication of big cities

Dragana Perisic and Matrushka

Dragana Perisic and Matrushka

Dragana Perisic, who designed the Button Bow Scarves, creates thoughtful, individual pieces of work to transform your look, whether you get a dress, handbag or a scarf .

Button Bow Scarves

Button bow scarf by Dragana Perisic

The Button Bow Scarf was developed while one of iconic Matrushka’s jackets was created. The jackets were inspired by Russian Dolls – made out of panels falling one into another, allowing for different jacket lengths. Each scarf creates a new collar. The Button bow look kept being a favourite among customers, when inspired the idea to develop and affordable range of scarves in wool, cotton and silk.

Dragana Perisic designs have been stocked in many countries and she now has her own shop in East London which she opened six years ago to make her work more exclusive to customers. Famous clients include Meryl Streep and Alex Kingston. Meryl Streep in fact hand wrote this note herself – “Thank you for your beautiful, distinctive designs. I am passing your name around liberally!”

“Dragana Perisic’s is sprinkled with details as distinctive as her clothing collection”
Time Out London

Click here to view Dragana’s Hidden Art E-Shop Page

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