Tina Vlassopulos- Fin Bowl and Large Leaf Dish

4th December 2012

Tina Vlassolulos at Ceramics in the City 2012

Tina Vlassopulos's Fin Bowl

Tina Vlassopulos’s Fin Bowl

Tina Vlassopulos is a ceramicist based in London. She creates one-off pieces that draw inspiration from natural, organic shapes. Her work often features several pieces together that complement each other. The pots are all made with both the possibility of function, matched with the sculptural importance of the designs- Tina often uses one single colour for her pots which serves to highlight the importance of form.

She says of her own work, “A lot of things can go wrong along the way, an impurity in the clay can ruin the surface and only shows up once the pot has been fired.” This highlights the individual nature of each product.

Tina has won awards for her work and has been selected as a member of the crafts council.

The Large Leaf Dish is a piece with an organic flowing design that would make a great centrepiece for fruit and salad. It is made in a small batch and each design is individually finished by Tina herself.

Tina’s Large Leaf Dish

You can view Tina’s Hidden Art E-Shop page here

“Her work is distinctive, and she has quickly found a vocabulary of form and shape”
Simon Olding, Ceramic Review

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