Diffractis – Entwine Patent Pending Floor Lamp

Updated 5 April 2013

Diffractis is a team of creative individuals whose mission is to design fresh and innovative interior products. They aim to push boundaries in order to create unique concepts that combine both functionality and creativity.

Diffractis’ products typically start their life as pencil sketches that evolve into 3D designs before prototyping and testing. Designs benefit from modern materials and the latest technology. All products are conceived, designed and manufactured in the UK.

Diffractis’ most famous customer has been Google, who purchased several of their lamps for their headquarters.

You can view Diffractis’ Hidden Art E-Shop page here

Entwine Patent Pending Floor Lamp

On this Youtube video here you can see how the light changes colour in the Entwine Patent Pending Floor Lamp.

Diffractis at Home 2013
Diffractis at Home 2013

                                                                                                   Inverse Tower

                                                                     Diffractis Inverse Tower close up

The Inverse Tower is the result of a conventional design literally being turned inside out. The lamp has over 55 cuts on each corner that produces interesting effects. It utilises LED technology which provides both an efficient and unique way of illuminating the design

Diffractis Inverse Tower

“This young company is set to create a stir in the interiors industry”
Philippa Cox, Entwine

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