Product of Your Environment- Sleeping Beauty and Eight Hours of Fame

4th December 2012

Inject humour and surprise into everyday routine

Rebecca Chitty, who designed the “Sleeping beauty” and “Eight hours of fame” pillow cases plays around with words and perceptions to create desirable and unexpected products and environments. She re-invents the mundane and necessary to inject humour and surprise into everyday routine. This is shown in her methods of inspiration, as she often finds that ideas come to her when she is just sitting on the bus.
Rebecca’s products are popular gifts- her “Exorcise Book” was bought as a wedding present for the artist Dinos Chapman.

Product of Your Environment’s Rebecca Chitty

Sleeping Beauty Pillowcase

We spend a third of our lives sleeping, and these pillow cases by Product of Your Environment ensure that you do it in style.
The Sleeping Beauty pillow case allows you to become a beautiful portrait as you sleep on a print of an ornate frame. The pillow cases come in white cotton, meaning that they will complement your existing bedding.

Product of Your Environment’s Sleeping Beauty Pillow

Another pillow case available from Product of Your Environment is the “eight hours of fame” pillow case that lets you experience fame while you sleep as you rest your head on a screen printed image of a television.

Product of Your Environment’s 8 Hours of Fame Pillowcase

As well as looking great, the pillow cases are made from 100% fine Egyptian percale cotton, made in Portugal, so you can be sure of comfort as well as style.
You can order several of the same design, or mix and match to create an exciting look

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“In Chitty’s studio, mundane objects like pillowcases and sellotape become objects of desire. She is doing a sterling job of challenging our conceptions of the ordinary”

Annie Deakin, The Independent.

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