Holly Palmer – Teacup Stool

8 November 2012

Products that are quirky and refreshing as well as functional

Designer Holly Palmer

Holly Palmer is a furniture designer who uses bold colours and original ideas to create fresh and contemporary products. Each piece has a story behind it- a concept which gives it the ability to connect with the user and intrigue. Holly’s designs are all quirky and refreshing, but importantly also maintain functionality.

Holly’s teacup stool was inspired by Alice in Wonderland and surrealism. It was first launched in Milan, and has since featured in events around the world. It’s a bold, unusual, statement piece that has functionality as an alternative seating solution.
The teacup stool is Holly’s most popular piece to date and also recently appeared in a music video from the Rizzlekicks, as well as in the popular television show “60 Minute Makeover”

Holly Palmer’s Teacup Stool Seen Here in the Rizzlekick’s Music Video

It is available in a wide range of colours, suitable for any space. Designed and made in the UK, the tea cup stool is hard wearing, durable and doesn’t fade, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Close up of one of Holly’s Teacup Stools

You can also view Holly Palmer’s page  here

“With a choice of 6 colours, you’ll have everyone fighting to sit on one – not just the kids”

Maritza Masiello, The Guide

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