Fifteen years of Designersblock

4th October 2012

Dieneke Ferguson

Hidden Art have known Designersblock since its inception and even before that. Here you will find a selection of photos we have taken  over the years. Also see their website

Piers and Rory at Designersblock retrospective (Europe House Sep 2011) with Dreamball (Unplug Design)

Piers Roberts talking at Designersblock Seminar, Europe House, Sep 2011

Piers Roberts (Designersblock) with his son Benjamin (LDF 2012)


Designersblock London, 2002 as part of 100% Guaranteed at Shoreditch Stables (our base)

The courtyard at Shoreditch Stables where Designersblock and Hidden Art exhibited in 2002. They were still working on our office.


Designersblock Milan 2004

Piers, Designersblock 2004 in Milan

Piers, Designersblock 2004 in Milan


Designersblock 2005

Designersblock Milan 2005

Designersblock Milan 2005. Charley Davidson


Designersblock, Milan 2006. Queues outside

Designersblock Milan 2006

Designersblock London 2006


Designersblock 2009, Milan

Designersblock Milan 2009. karaoke

Designersblock Milan 2009, karaoke. Some of Hidden Art staff at that time

Designersblock London, 2009. in Earls Court.


Designersblock in Milan 2010

Designersblock Milan 2010. Valentina Gonzalez with Barbara Chandler

Piers Roberts with exhibitor at Designersblock, 2010


Designersblock 2010


Designersblock, 2011.

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