Barbara Chandler’s Photo ‘Branching Out’ selected for exhibition at Europe House

31 August 2012

Dieneke Ferguson

Barbara Chandler’s Photo  ‘Branching out‘ representing Snowden Flood with her tree glasses is selected for an exhibition at Europe House on 2 October 2012. The photographs will also be displayed during Europe Week 2013 at City Hall.

Branching Out: Snowden Flood. Photo: Barbara Chandler

The photography exhibition was launched by The European Programmes Management Unit for photos representing ‘a Vision for London’.  Anyone involved with the ESF or ERDF programmes in London could enter.  The photos that Barbara took reflect the benefits that designers received through the Hidden Art ERDF funded programme called Innovative Collaboration Networks for Smart Growth.

The selected photo represents designer  Snowden Flood who has been supported since 2006 by Hidden Art (with help from ERDF). She has received mentoring support from UBS Investment Bank, taken part in Open Studios and pop-up shops, sent products to the 2008 Shanghai Expo, and won the 2009 Most Popular Stand Award. She participated in the 2011 Hidden Art Forum. Snowden is photographed outside her studio, where, inspired by London architecture and the river, she creates poetic, dramatic and highly original glassware and china, such as these “tree” tumblers.

Barbara Chandler’s photo of Snowden Flood at the Exhibition

Barbara Chandler’s picture of Snowden Flood amidst other submissions at Europe House Exhibition

The glasses can be bought here

Other photos from Barbara Chandler that were submitted are:

Jake Phipps, at the Bank of England. Photo called Hat Tricks

The Hidden Art Select Product Development Programme (with funding from ERDF) helped designer Jake Phipps, through creativity and determination, turn an idea for “hat lights” into Jeeves (a bowler) and Wooster (a top hat). Over 5,000 have sold worldwide. Jake won the 2008 Hidden Art E-Shop Award, and exhibited at Hidden Art’s 20 Years exhibition at Oxo Tower. Here the designer “wears” his witty and original product (already iconic) and pays tribute to the London “city gents” that inspired him. The Jeeves Pendant lights can be bought here

Hat Tricks: Jake Phipps. Photo: barbara Chandler

Nick Fraser, outside his studio (London E8), Climb every mountain

Hidden Art (helped by ERDF) supported product designer Nick Fraser after he moved from Cornwall to Hackney in 2008, providing business/pr advice, and sales outlets through Open Studios, pop-up shops, and the Hidden Art E-shop. Nick won a Hidden Art Most Popular Stand Award in 2010. In the photograph, Nick stands with his products (coat/towel racks made with great originality from plumbing pipes) in the yard behind his studio. It expresses the achievements, determination and creative/commercial aspirations of this young London designer.

Hidden Heart of Hackney

Barbara Chandler has supported Hidden Art through journalism and photography from an early date. In 1994, for example on a visit to East London to see Hidden Art members, Barbara photographed a graffited heart later to inspire the “Hidden Heart of Hackney”, a celebratory show for the millennium. This picture has become something of a mascot.

Her photographs are of designers with their products with appropriate titles to show how Hidden Art helped by ERDF creatively nurtures designers.

Hidden Heart of Hackney. Photo: Barbara Chandler

or further information on the competition  see here

Europe House, 32 Smith Square, London SW1P 3EU. Open: 3-12 October: 10am – 6pm

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