Soner Ozenc’s Illuminating Prayer Mat: EL Sajjadah

Updated 20th June 2012

Soner Ozenc has recently launched a new project ‘Illuminating Prayer Mat’ which lights up when facing Mecca: ‘EL Sajjadah’. ‘EL’ stands for ‘Electro Luminescent’ and ‘Sajjadah’ means ‘Prayer Mat’. Thin and flexible, EL Sajjadah can be rolled up and carried in its special case.

EL Sajjadah: The Illuminating Prayer Mat by Soner Ozenc

The product is both functional and practical, as well as featuring as a new unique art piece that you can hang on the wall as a night light. Soner Ozenc is seeking funding to support this project and make it a reality. If you are interested in supporting this project and its future click here.

Follow this project and learn more here.

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