John Sprange’s MindDice

18 May 2012
 by Leanne Hoogwaerts

John Sprange, a designer who has been with Hidden Art from as far back as 1997, was recently nominated for the national Great British Care Home Awards in the ‘Care Innovator’ category for his MindDice, with a regional win in London already under his belt. Given this lovely news, we thought it would be nice to give a little background on the work he’s done to earn this recognition.

The idea for MindDice, a product designed to help in the care of dementia patients, was developed in late 2008, when his father was diagnosed with Alzheimers. He saw his father withdrawing from everyday interaction with other people, and designed the MindDice to prompt memories and keep him talking. The unobtrusive design that allows personalised messages or reminders on the various sides, has proven to be incredibly helpful in overcoming silences and engaging with him.

In a previous conversation with him, he told us that “MindDice is my ambition, the synergy of what I have become – using design for a social purpose”.

The product has now been picked up by several institutions, and has recently become an integral part of CASAL’s new home service in South East London. We’re humbled to see the positive social effects good design can have; he may not have won the national award, but his design has certainly played an invaluable role in families affected by dementia.

If you’re interested in purchasing the MindDice, you can do so through the Hidden Art Shop.

For more information about the product, visit

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